8 Weapons To Give Yourself A Full Body Massage (Without A Massage Therapist)

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Alright, it's been quite some time since I posted my quite popular “Metabolic Mobility Routine”, during which I taught you how to combine a cardiovascular workout and a foam rolling routine for an all-in-one potent mobility workout.

So, decked out in nothin' but my comfy MeUndies, I made sweet love to the 8 weapons I keep handy around my house for giving myself a full body massage, without a massage therapist, and did it on my Facebook page while recording the video below. I guarantee that an hour-long routine like this performed just once per week will keep 99% of your aches and pains at bay – and turn you into, as my friend Kelly Starrett would say, a “supple leopard”.

Resources from this video:

-Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra w/ MSM – powerful stuff – smear this on any body part before or after you roll it.

-Peanut Massage Ball – for erector spinae, back and neck, also can be good for outside of hips, back of knees and calves.

-Rumble Roller & “Beastie” Stick – probably the most useful tools of the bunch. Roller for calves, hamstrings, quads, adductors, IT band, back, quadratus lumborum and neck. Stick for calves, trapezius, forearms, back of knees.

-PSO and mini PSO – very unique new tool for psoas and also for teeny-tiny ligaments on either side of vertebrae.

-MyoBuddy Vibrator – especially good for feet, hands, forearms, neck and head.

-ArmAid – for forearms, and also good for feet and calves.

-Hypersphere Vibrating Roller – good for outside of hips, stomach and back of knees.

-Rogue Fitness Battlestar – works well for hamstrings, IT bands, adductors


Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for me about this routine or your own body recovery tips to share? Leave your comments below and I will reply!

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13 thoughts on “8 Weapons To Give Yourself A Full Body Massage (Without A Massage Therapist)

  1. Tom says:

    Have you had the chance to try the Pso-Rite? Have been interested to give it a try.

  2. MGF says:

    That book “How To Become A Supple Leopard” has been a game changer! Glad you included that in your list. No massage gun though?

  3. Jon says:

    Some interesting products you’ve got there and a few I’d like to try. I currently use a massage gun (I have both a Theragun and a Hypervolt) – they’re not cheap but they work wonders. Much easier to hit the right spots than with a foam roller, which is what I used to use for recovery.

  4. varun gupta says:

    thanks for sharing this tips

  5. David says:

    Great video, I have some toys to order! Quick question, the link to the Rumble Roller has three sizes, which do you use?

  6. Tony says:

    Excellent information! I just ordered me some torture devices! I little constructive feed back. If you could position a light source in front of you it would be easier to see what you’re doing. That over head lighting really has you back lit. Still, the information is awesome! Thank you for what you do.

  7. Nicholas Seymour says:

    Thanks! Feels so good to get back on the rumble roller!

  8. Jenny says:

    Thank you for the awesome video! Do you have a video for what you do (roll, mobility and/or stretch) before going out for a run? If not, this would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

  9. Gary Patterson says:

    Heh Ben, thanks for massage tips ! Going to take some of that money I was going to spend on massage therapy And get some new toys !

  10. Jason says:

    Hello Ben.

    First, thank you for all the information on your site and in your podcasts. I was looking for the link to the Low Carb Athlete but when I signed up I was not able to download it. Any chance someone can send me a link to download that awesome book?

    Thanks again,


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