Three Little Known, Unconventional Antiviral Approaches For Boosting Your Immune System.

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I recently set out on a speaking tour of India, and admittedly—considering the proximity of India to China and the latest coronavirus scare—was a bit apprehensive about my personal health. After all, it's tough to operate at peak performance if you're nailed down with bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, and most likely, some kind of intense quarantine scenario.

So, as I'm prone to do when I'm trying to figure out fully comprehensive, novel, and often alternative strategies to tackle health issues—strategies that often go beyond simple pharmaceutical pill-popping or conventional medicine (for example, see my posts on Colds & Flu, Immune boosting Helminthic Therapy, Candida, MRSA, and Giardia remedies)—I dove into natural ways to make my immune system bulletproof and struck out to India with a few tricks up the sleeve of my suitcase.

Here's a summary of what one good friend recently wrote in her natural health newsletter:

There is much on the origin and current status of certain viruses. It has been suggested that they may be intentional or unintentional human-caused events, perhaps the result of developed bio-weapons. (China's first maximum security virology lab was opened in 2018 in Wuhan–the epicenter of one recent outbreak–designed to study the world's most dangerous pathogens.) Alternatively, a theory is that perhaps our precious, beloved earth Herself is striking out on her own. It may not matter which theory of these, or, an as-of-yet unstated one, is correct. The most important thing for us to know, at this point, is how to protect ourselves.

Although our knowledge is still limited about the nature of these types of viruses, we do know certain facts that can limit our risk of contracting them. We know a virus can be spread through the breath, and other mucous membranes including the eyes. They also seem to be passed through feces. There may be other yet unknown routes of contagion. According to Lancet, the incubation period is 24 days. The life of one particular virus on surfaces is up to 9 days.

The cellular mechanism of a common virus appears to be that the virus enters the cell, and once inside the cell, releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm. The normal cell machinery is then hijacked, and more viruses are produced. An enzyme is released, and this enzyme attacks the cells' defenses against the virus inhibitors.

South Korea recently announced that it has successfully treated virus patients using oxygen. Unlike in the US, where patients are most often treated with pharmaceuticals, Korea is more open to natural therapies (like ozone).

Fortunately, I'm surrounded by a network of medical practitioners with far more experience (and who are far smarter than I) who are thinking outside the box from an antiviral perspective; so I recently collected and curated a list of the most helpful tips from those in my network here—tips that fly under the radar and are masked by the cloud of vaccination and pharmaceutical remedies, but that may reduce the need to rely upon pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

I've kept names anonymous, just so that no health practitioner needs to take any flack for suggesting what I know some may comment are “dangerous” or “unproven” tactics, but figured since I now have a giant file of unconventional immune-boosting tips, I'd be remiss not to at least share them with you.

Now, I've previously written about how to boost your immune system using natural solutions that most of you are probably familiar with like thieves oil, echinacea, bone broth, and beyond in the article “11 Ways To Shorten Duration Of Colds And Flus & Build An Unstoppable Immune System.“; but this article dives deeper into some of the more “fringe” immune-boosting tactics out there.

Finally, I am not a doctor. None of this is to be misconstrued as medical advice. The lion's share of these tips are preventive (and conveniently, will be quite handy for any type of viral scenario). That being said, let's dive in…and feel free to leave your comments, thoughts, and questions below this post. Update: my friend and very smart physician Dr. Matthew Cook just sent me a very helpful antiviral audio that I've embedded at the end of this post for your listening pleasure!

#1: How To Boost Your Immune System With Peptides

I figured we might as well start out with the relatively unique, more cutting-edge treatments: specifically peptides.

If you don't know what peptides are, then you need to check out the following episodes:

Recently, I received email correspondence from one of my friends who is incredibly knowledgeable in the world of peptides. Here's what he had to say:

We are all aware of how the media provide seemingly hourly updates of the year's newest virus. They are serious diseases, and scientists must be vigilant in monitoring their spread while working to find solutions.

Over the last two decades, there have been several viral outbreaks with the Ebola, SARS and, Swine Flu viruses being the most recent. It is important, though, to keep things in perspective as the chance of contracting them is unlikely for most. For instance, Ebola infected 28,646 people, primarily in Africa, with 11,323 deaths. Only two Americans died, and they both contracted the disease in Africa. The Swine Flu virus infected an estimated 700-1400 million people with an estimated 150,000-575,000 deaths. Approximately 59 million Americans were infected, 265,000 hospitalized, with approximately 12,000 deaths. The SARS virus infected 8,098 people globally, with 774 deaths.

The worldwide, intense focus on these viruses is somewhat ironic in the lack of attention given to the deadly annual march of another severe respiratory virus – influenza, which was responsible for the deaths of 34,000 people just in the US last year. This flu season, the CDC reports there are 15 million cases, 150,000 hospitalizations, and 8,200 deaths and the flu season is not over.

Notwithstanding disparagement by the US media, the Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete the critical identification and genetic sequencing of one recent virus. Immediately they deposited the virus genome in genomic libraries for immediate access by global scientists. Chinese and Russian scientists jointly developed and now have available tests able to identify this virus in humans within two hours.

Compare the Chinese performance with the American CDC, arguably the top infectious disease research agency in the world, with an $11 billion annual budget and 11,000 employees. During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – considered a maximum urgency, and facing a virus with a 90% fatality rate – the CDC took two months after receiving the first patient sample to identify the complete genomic sequence. The Chinese did it in three days.

The international science community has been unsuccessful in stopping these viruses. Fortunately, they seem to extinguish themselves out over time naturally. Hopefully, this trend continues

The people most vulnerable to viral infection and death are the elderly and those with acute or chronic diseases. The common denominator is a compromised immune system. People with robust immune systems have a much lower infection vulnerability and, if infected, a much higher survival prognosis.

The most effective virus protection and intervention is to enhance one’s immune system. While there is no pharmaceutical drug or vaccine which safely and effectively enhances human immunity, there are natural substances with a long history, and scientific basis, for strengthening the immune system.

Now here's where things get interesting folks. Here's what he went on to say:

The most effective immune enhancement substance I am aware of is the Russian developed Peptide Bioregulator Vladonix (for thymus/immune system). Vladonix has been safely used in Russian medicine for over forty years, initially in the military, and then in general medicine.

For those of you participating in telomere and DNA/Methylation longevity studies, you have been using Vladonix as an essential part of those programs. […] Also, all the participants in the telomere study have experienced restoration of telomeres, and clinical studies confirm longer telomeres are viral protective.

There are published clinical studies proving the effectiveness of the thymus peptide (Vladonix) to reduce all-cause mortality over extended periods. The attached chart summarizes the effectiveness of the Vladonix and Endoluten (pineal/hormone) peptides in protecting people from general disease and organ degeneration, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in all-cause mortality.

how to boost immune system


For additional immune support, you can add more Vladonix, and perhaps its synthetic cousin, Crystagen, which is faster acting. You may also wish to add the respiratory/lung peptide, Taxorest.

Below is a Viral Immune Enhancement. […] Each substance has a scientific basis for viral protection and a history of effective intervention with human viruses. All of the nutraceuticals, other than the peptides, can be purchased at the Swanson Vitamins website. It is essential you use the specific products listed as each has the required potency and high-quality ingredients necessary to be effective. This is especially true of the liposomal Vitamin C. Regular Vitamin C will not be effective, even in high doses.

Finally, my friends at WildHealthMD just released this excellent podcast episode about supplements and peptides as preventative measures against viruses.

Should you decide to use peptides, I always recommend folks get their peptides through a legitimate health care provider, such as Renew Life RX’s physicians, or from any of the doctors I have interviewed in the past who are well versed in peptides, including Dr. Craig Koniver, Dr. Matt Cook, or Dr. Matt Dawson. One good lab to look for, which I often go to, is Tailor Made Compounding. You can also find some good docs through the International Peptides Society, and also in my new book Boundless (which has information on nearly a dozen other peptides). These steps allow you to have the security of knowing your medication is coming from a high-quality FDA-approved compounding pharmacy.

#2: How To Boost Your Immune System With Chinese Adaptogenic Medicine

Next, I turned to an old friend of mine who is one of the best Chinese herbologists I know.

His research has shown that a specific combination of micronutrients can support and enhance the immune system.

In addition to vitamin C, they include vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Anyways, you can read the article linked to above for more information. What my Chinese herbologist friend specifically recommended was:

Be sure all of the above are taken together. NAC works wonders with lung infections. […] In the winter I always have NAC on hand along with a Chinese herb formula called Jing Herbs Platycodon and Fritillary. I usually use 6 caps 3-4 times a day.

Also, I would never travel to India, China or Mexico—or anywhere in the vicinity of any of them—without some of this Aloe 22 Black Walnut. Two to three tablets of this with meals almost guarantees to eliminate any intestinal surprises that accompany world travel. I've had great success with actors and rock bands—never one case of dysentery. Be sure you get the Health Concerns product brand.

As an added safety measure I can send you a bottle of something I have on hand (research here). It’s one of the most potent anti-viral formulas in Chinese medicine and I have it on hand because of my wife’s situation. I call it HQT 1800. It is a mixture of the herbs Scutellaria baicalensis Geori, Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch, Paeonia lactiflora Pall, and Ziziphus jujuba Mill. A combination of these four herbs has been in continuous use in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1800 years for treating a variety of gastrointestinal distress such as diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting.

Note from Ben: you can't buy this on the internet; this will need to be custom formulated by a Chinese herbologist or diplomat of Chinese medicine.

For more on Chinese herbal medicine, check out these podcast episodes:

#3: How To Boost Your Immune System With Naturopathic Medicine

Finally, I approached a naturopathic and functional medicine network I'm a part of on Facebook and curated some of the top tips from the expert physicians within that group.

Below are some of the best of the golden nuggets from what they had to say:

Other random health/travel tips that appeared in responses to my posts included the use of Biocidin for bacteria, A-P complex for parasites, Vitamin D and silver for viruses, and GI detox plus to bind up toxins—especially after any bad food and at the first sign of food poisoning.


So, that's it.

Personally, because I feel like there's “more than one way to skin this cat,” I primarily traveled in India with the recommendations from my Chinese herbologist friend, but also threw into that protocol the following: activated charcoal, Vitamin D/K, Ancestral Supplements Thymus blend, liposomal glutathione, Vitamin C, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, masks, and wipes.

I am a bit glad I came across all this information because I feel more equipped to stay healthy no matter where I travel in the world and no matter what kind of infection I'm trying to preventively avoid with natural health remedies. Hopefully just a few of these tips will serve you well, or at least give you greater peace of mind during cold and flu season.

Finally, an additional resource that I found quite helpful is this interesting research article that I came across just before heading to India. It reports on the potential use of methylene blue combined with UV treatment for viruses. Since I walk in the sunshine every day anyways, during each of my UVA/UVB intensive sunshine walks in India, I popped a methylene blue troche (code: BEN), which is a nice little nootropic pick-me-up anyways, regardless of any antiviral activity.

Finally, allow me to once again remind you that should you contract any serious health condition, you should seek professional medical assistance. But hopefully, now that you're armed with the information in this article, that is far less likely to happen.

Enjoy! Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for me about how to boost your immune system naturally? If so, leave your comments below!

P.S. UPDATE! My friend and multiple time podcast guest Dr. Matt Cook just recorded a functional medicine approach to diagnosing and treating viruses. He was happy to allow me to share it with my audience as well.

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    Currrently have very mild symptoms, although positive for flu A. I do use colloidal silver nose spray, turkey tail mushroom, vit d and k2, vitamin c and elderberry syrup daily. Thinking this could be why flu symptoms are mild. Also I don t eat sugar or many grains, just carbs from berries, sweet potatoes and a slice of sprouted bread. I think sugar will weaken the immune system by altering gut microbiome. Western diet sets Americans up to get sick.

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    1. Ozone therapy! Many docs in the US can do 10 pass ozone or ozone dialysis…

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    Ben – great article as always- very informative with tons of options. It does seem like a lot of supplements to choose from and add daily though and not knowing what you and all your friends know it would be hard to know the amounts we should take of each. As Chuck K asked I would also like to know your top 3 and recommended amounts of each daily. Looks like based on the most mentions in the article it may be Vitamin D (mentioned 9x) (or D/K to get both), Liposomal Vitamin C (mentioned 11x) and Silversol (3x) or Biocidin (4x)?? – Thanks Again

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    Orthomolecular medicine wins again! How does the media not report the great results with IV C in China, Japan and soon Korea?
    China, Japan are leading the way for the world to learn about how effective vitamin C is in prevention, curing, and reversing disease. In the US we would rather have patients die than give them a IV C.
    For about 50 year the OMNS which is peer reviewed has been rejected by the NIH taxpayer funded medical library. Go read the latest positive news on COVID-19:

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