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Ben Greenfield’s Look-Good-Naked & Longevity Plan (e-Book)

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Suppose you want to live as long as possible. Suppose you also want to look as good as possible doing it. Suppose you want to maximize your hormone balance, your drive, your fertility, your strength, your power and your cardiovascular capacity.

Suppose you want to step back, investigate every shred of exercise science research, and inject only the most highly effective and proven strategies into your life – even if it's not for the primary sake of preparing for masochistic sufferfests like triathlons, marathons, obstacle races or other feats of physical endurance – but rather simply because you want to maximize longevity and look good naked.

Whether it's total food intake, exercise, sunlight, protein, or work habits, we often think we need to do way much more than we actually need to do to get the results we want. But why crank out those extra reps or put in those extra few hours if you don't actually need to? After all, failing to heed the minimum effective dose can often cost you money, time, and mental real estate.

Sure: if you want to do an Ironman triathlon or a multi-hour obstacle race or be competitive at the Crossfit games you certainly need to put in some extra hours and do some more athletic, sport-specific training, but all that extra volume isn't necessarily good for you, and it certainly isn't necessary for being as fit as humanly possible while simultaneously maximizing your lifespan.

So what would an exercise program look like if you do just want to look good naked and live longer? What would things look like if you decided that being the first person to the finish line of a triathlon wasn't as important to you as looking and feeling like a million bucks for as long as possible?

Ben Greenfield, the head coach at Greenfield Fitness Systems and America's top personal trainer, has personally designed a done-for-you plan in which all of this is laid out for you on a weekly calendar in convenient .PDF format for quick reference and self-tracking on your computer, phone, tablet, etc.

In this 8-week program, Ben gives you daily, step-by-step instructions for the exact muscle training, fat burning, cardiovascular and mobility protocols that have been proven by research to maximize every second you spend exercising. This is all conveniently spelled out for you each week.

No matter what your fitness level, whether you want to look good naked, get massive gains in health, fitness and longevity (or of course, both!) you can rinse, wash, and repeat this 8-week cycle throughout the entire year. It's just 27 bucks and you get to keep it and access it forever. Enjoy (and click here if you want to delve into the nitty-gritty science behind this plan).