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The Power of Your Breath

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What if one simple habit could radically improve your life? What if one small change could completely reshape your health, fitness, weight, sleep, energy – and even your looks and sex life?

Anders Olsson is the founder of Conscious Breathing. He has educated hundreds of breathing instructors and helped thousands of people create massive change in their lives through the power of their breath. In this book he draws on his vast experience, as well as countless hours studying all aspects of the human breath, as he reveals:

  • The science of breathing
  • How poor breathing habits ruins your health
  • How good breathing habits make you feel great and perform at your very best
  • Why proper breathing is crucial for your teeth and facial development
  • How conscious breathing can reduce stress and improve sports performance
  • The five simple principles of optimal breathing
  • How to quickly and easily retrain your breathing

The Power of Your Breath is the definitive step-by-step guide to reshaping your breathing habits – and your life.

Get it now to transform your health and well-being with nothing but your breath!