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Triathlon Dominator Minimalist Triathlon Training Program (e-Book)

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The Ironman Triathlon Dominator Package is the original minimalist training, gold-standard Ironman and Half-Ironman triathlon training package from Ben Greenfield, designed specifically for busy and important people who want to succeed at both Half-Ironman (70.3 distance) and Ironman (full Ironman distance) without neglecting family, career, friends, hobbies and life!

Learn how to get maximal results with minimum time and cross the Ironman finish line with 100% confidence, utilizing this comprehensive Triathlon Dominator Minimalist Triathlon Training Program package.

What you get:

  • The Official 36 Week Ironman Dominator Plan (.pdf): a 9 month step-by-step plan that will bring you to any Ironman triathlon on the face of the planet, 100% confident that you will cross the finish line with a big smile, guilt-free because you did not neglect your family, your friends, your work and your life during your Ironman preparation.
  • -Holistic Fueling for Ironman Triathletes (.pdf): the ultimate key to fueling with the thousands of calories necessary for Ironman triathlon – without destroying your body!
  • -Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes Book (.pdf): a strength training manual that breaks the mold by giving you short and incredibly effective gym workouts designed specifically for the endurance athlete.
  • -Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes exercise videos (links included in book): the jam-packed exercise videos that will teach you the tips, tricks and form for each of Ben Greenfield's proprietary triathlon workouts.
  • -The No-Guesswork Guide to Ironman Race Week audio file (mp3): your secret weapon to ensure zero guesswork and complete confidence that you're perfectly prepared when you stand on the beach on race morning.
  • -Endurance Sports Supplements Secrets audio file (mp3): a no-nonsense roadmap to navigating the confusing world of sports performance enhancing supplements and dietary aids.
  • -Top 10 Ironman Mistakes audio file (mp3): step-by-step instructions from Ben Greenfield on how to avoid the mistakes that everyone else is making.
  • -The Triathlon Supplements Discount Guide (Word Document): this guide will ensure that nutrition supplementation is no longer an expensive guessing game by giving you exclusive discounts on products that have been hand-picked by sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield.

You can click here for more information, testimonials, and complete details on the Triathlon Dominator program!