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Squatty Potty (natural squat stool for toilet)

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Squatty Potty is a unique and carefully designed toilet stool that puts you in exactly the correct, natural and ancestral position for fast and easy elimination – helps with constipation, low back pain, straining during bathroom movements, hip tightness and more!

The fact is that the human body is meant to squat to eliminate, not to sit on a hard toilet seat. Humans have squatted for thousands of years – until the sad advent of the modern toilet.

The way this works is that your colon moves waste to the rectum for elimination. It has a natural curvature that maintains proper bowel movement. Sitting simply stops the flow and “kinks” your system.

But when you use the Squatty Potty, your puborectalis muscle changes to its natural angle, keeping the colon un-kinked and un-blocking the flow of waste. Your puborectalis muscle fully relaxes and this allows your colon to empty quickly and completely.

This means relief for constipation and bloating, hemorrhoids, straining, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), low back pain, hip tightness and pelvic floor and bladder issues. Features of the Squatty Potty include:

– Mimics natural squat posture
– Slightly raised heel for comfort
– Wide platform for natural posture and stability
– Opens the colon for fast, easy elimination
– Strong and durable
– Stores under any toilet
– Doctor recommended, family-friendly and even works for kids!

Squatty Potty is recommended by medical doctors, healthcare professionals and naturopaths and includes a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the Squatty Potty works or click here to grab one now.