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Pique Tea

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Pique Tea is on a mission to help you unlock the benefits of herbal plants and unleash your potential.

By the time Pique Tea founder and Harvard grad, Simon Cheung was in his 20s, he was in and out of doctors’ clinics for respiratory infections and skin problems. He diligently followed the doctors' orders, but his health never improved.

Rounds of antibiotics and a failed surgery later, Simon vowed to take back control of his health. Little did he know, he would also take back control of his soul.

In the years that followed, Simon traveled the world — from the mountains of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and forests of the Pacific Northwest. He studied with the most accomplished masters in Eastern medicine and he began to heal himself.

As a scholar in Chinese literature, he simultaneously delved into the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine.

The culmination of his studies and travels resulted in Pique Tea — an integrated system to help you attain radiant health. 

Pique Tea is the #1 Doctor Recommended Tea
  • Effective - uses the freshest and most rare plants that are extracted via Cold Brew Crystallization. This process gently preserves active compounds at maximum potential.
  • Pure - Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold.
  • Accessible - Unparalleled absorbability and bioavailability. A full-spectrum super-food that requires zero prep and is simple to brew.

Pique Teas are the most effective, purest teas available, to help support your overall health—from fasting and gut health, to immune support and stress relief. 

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“If you know me, you know I’m a fan of both fasting and green tea – not only for providing sustained energy, reducing inflammation, promoting gut health and increasing longevity. But also as a potent way to satiate the appetite and accelerate fatty acid utilization.

I have been loving drinking Pique Tea Fasting Teas. Not only do they help to enhance cellular cleanup (autophagy), but the caffeine and high catechins in these teas also help the body produce more energy to enhance fat burning. Especially when in a fasted state. So if you’re looking to enhance your fasts (and ease the pain of doing so), check them out here. They are sold in limited quantities so don’t miss out!” – Ben