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COMRAD Socks for Graduated Compression

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COMRAD makes energizing (and stylish) graduated compression socks for women and men.

In 2016, COMRAD’s CEO and Founder, Andrew Ferenci was an overworked entrepreneur. He spent most of his days at his desk, on his feet, or on cross-country flights.

His feet were constantly tired, aching and swollen. When he mentioned it to his doctor, she suggested he wear graduated compression socks.

His swelling and pain vanished immediately.

The problem? The socks were ugly, expensive and uncomfortable.

COMRAD created a solution. Comfortable and stylish everyday socks, with all the benefits of graduated compression.

How does compression work?

Compression therapy works by squeezing the veins in your legs and feet which helps blood flow up the legs toward the heart. Better circulation keeps fresh, oxygenated blood flowing to energize musclesreducing soreness, preventing clots and other circulatory conditions.

What are the benefits of graduated compression?

Graduated compression therapy is the most effective form of compression. COMRADS graduated compression socks work differently than regular compression socks. Pressure gradually decreases from the ankle toward the knee, which helps blood flow effectively return to the heart instead of pooling in the feet.

Why Socks?

Socks are the most effective and convenient way to get the benefits of compression therapy. And it's simple: all you need to do is swap out an item you already wear every day.

Pick up your COMRAD socks here. Use code BEN20 for a 20% discount.

“Seriously comfortable compression socks designed to support your every move. They've got ankle compression socks with targeted arch compression. They've got the knee-high compression socks.

Basically, they're originally designed to prevent varicose veins and all the other circulatory issues that can come from just standing for long periods of time, walking, running, et cetera, but these things also reduce muscle soreness, they increase blood circulation, they reduce swelling and fatigue.

Compression socks used to be something you'd see old men wearing on airplanes, but now, thanks to Comrad, you can actually get a whole bunch of different cool fashionable designs. I've got a few pairs of these things and I'm absolutely digging them.” – Ben