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Elevation Training Mask

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The Elevation Training Mask is a breath resistance training mask that simulates altitude and helps condition your lungs by creating inspiratory and expiratory muscle resistance and strengthening your diaphragm, making your workout seem like it's being held high in the mountains – without you having to move to the mountains or buy a fancy elevation training tent. Simply strap on the easy-to-use mask and begin your normal workout. Within days, you'll feel your lungs growing!

By conditioning your lungs and creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, and this makes your lungs work more efficiently. When your lungs work harder, the surface area and elasticity in your lungs' alveoli is increased, which increases ability to utilize oxygen, your stamina and your ability to go harder at your sport – or to simply have increased energy for daily living.

The multi-level resistance system in the Training Mask uses a patented resistance training device flux valve system, which forces you to inhale using more full, deep breaths. While your body adapts, your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use the available oxygen more efficiently. Increasing your alveoli's surface area will transport more oxygen via your red blood cells and carry it to the extremities.

As a result, you'll feel as though you've grown a third lung, and get a distinct advantage in your workouts, races and competition.

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