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Waterproof Music Player – Apple iPod Shuffle

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Because it is waterproof, small, and emits very low amounts of any type of harmful electromagnetic radiation compared to large smartphones or audio players, the Waterproof Music Player – Apple iPod Shuffle is the exact audio device that Ben Greenfield uses in all his weight workouts, swim, run and bike training – for podcasts, audiobooks and music.

  • Underwater Audio has the best waterproof iPod in the industry. It is not only waterproof, but also corrosion-proof, and tested past 200 feet in water depth. They do not crack open the case to apply waterproofing and there are no hidden care instructions to void the warranty.
  • This Underwater Audio player starts life as a genuine 2GB Apple iPod shuffle but it is then custom-waterproofed by Underwater Audio. Just like a Apple iPod Shuffle, it has 15 hrs of battery life, holds hundreds of songs, supports multiple playlists and features unique VoiceOver button. It is Mac and PC compatible.
  • The Underwater Audio iPod is a perfect swimming iPod, surfing iPod, paddleboarding iPod, running-in-the-rain iPod, sweat-on-it iPod and everyday iPod, and you can now enjoy music with any water sport or in any harsh or wet environment.

Grab an Underwater Audio player today and start enjoying music, podcasts and audiobooks anytime, anyplace! Perfect for swimming, running, weight lifting, paddleboarding and more!