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delta-E Natural Energy Drink Powder

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delta-E Natural Energy Drink Powder is an all-natural l-theanine based energy booster with mega-doses of B vitamin and trace amounts of caffeine. It is used by Ben Greenfield as a race and workout energy boost and alternative to commercial energy drinks.

Most energy drinks merely combine caffeine and sugar. But delta-E contains a revolutionary blend of natural bioactive compounds that scientific studies have proven to produce sustained energy and alertness – without the jitters created by traditional high-caffeine energy drinks.

Each tiny and easy-to-carry packet of delta-E contains:

– B-vitamin boost that includes a highly absorbable form of B12 to promote healthy brain function
– A rich dose of antioxidants to protect your nervous system
– A special activator blend that balances pure l-theanine with natural caffeine (from green tea) for calm energy and focus with zero jitters
– Immune system antioxidant support to defend against the effects of stress
– A natural sweetness, with just 5 grams of fructose from pomegranate juice extract, resulting in a wonderful taste with no sugar crash and only 20 calories

Simply pop a packet of delta-E into a glass of water and enjoy long-lasting energy for hours, with no jitters and no crash!