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EarthPulse PEMF Sleep Machine

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Light and sound sleep machines, white noise machines or some other forms of electrical stimulation “biohacks” may help you to sleep slightly better, but they have no actual cellular effects – meaning they are incapable of actually healing your cells or restoring your biology from jet lag, sleep deprivation, exposure to excessive electrical pollution, or other daily stressors.

However, natural and healthy exposure to pulsed electromagnetic field exposure (PEMF) during your sleep actually shifts your brain and body into deeper sleep, while tuning your body's cells for vastly improved energy production and metabolic health – and this form of PEMF is exactly what you're using when you place an EarthPulse PEMF Sleep Machine under your mattress.

When you turn on your EarthPulse before you go to sleep at night, the effects of better sleep and improved energy production from the use of the unique 10Hz PEMF waves in the EarthPulse Sleep Machine will have you sleeping deeply in 90-days (or your money-back). The EarthPulse is far more than a sleep-machine – it's the world's only pulsed electromagnetic sleep, recovery, performance enhancement and anti-aging system.

Click here to read more or to try an EarthPulse today. The version that I highly recommend for simplicity of use and power is the “ProBasic” version. The EarthPulse can also be safely and effectively combined with a Biomat or other grounding/earthing mat.