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HARApad Anti-Radiation Shield

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Placing your laptop on your lap is – well – completely natural, right? After all, as the name implies, that's what a laptop was originally designed for: your lap.

Unfortunately, heat, radiation, and electrical pollution seeps from the inner workings of a laptop when you have a laptop in your lap, leading to heating, frying and irradiation of some of your body's most precious organs (particularly your reproductive organs). Bad news bears!

Many people have grown so accustomed to this radiation that they barely even notice the heat, the discomfort, the loss of libido, the lack of recovery of upper leg muscles, and all the other nasty things that happen when a laptop is constantly (or even occasionally) in the lap.

That's why I highly, highly recommend you get an anti-radiation pad for your laptop.

The HARApad is the one I like best. It is a rigid, rugged, easy-to-use laptop pad that contains perfectly safe, military-grade electromagnetic radiation (EMR) shielding. You simply place it underneath your laptop and it protects you from heat, radiation and organ damage caused by the computer. HARApad uses “root technology”, which means each pad is each manufactured from environmentally safe, natural and organic materials.

The HARApad laptop pad is available in 3 sizes and multiple colors. There's even an attractive wood option, which allows for a beautiful, natural approach to laptop radiation shielding. There are size options for 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptops, and even a 25″ LapDesk version that will allow for the convenient use of a mouse, if you use a mouse instead of a trackpad.

When you click here to visit the HARApad website, you'll see that they have more than just laptop pads.

For example, HARApad also makes a cell phone pocket shield.

The HARApad cell phone pocket shield takes the same technology as the laptop pad, but applies it to cell phones. The cell phone pocket shield appears as an all-natural wood product on the outside, but on the inside contains all the necessary shielding to keep you completely safe from cell phone radiation, including:

• Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation
• Radio frequency (RF) radiation
• Wi-Fi / microwave radiation

The cell phone pocket shield can be used whenever your phone is placed near your body, including your pocket, a purse or bag, or (you women know who you are) your bra.

The cell phone pocket shield allows you to use your earbuds or headphones during a call but at the same time, safely place your cell phone in your pocket, purse, etc. This means you are protected both when the phone is connected on a call or sitting idle. The shield will not interfere with your cellular signal and will not negatively affect battery life.

This product is different from most others on the market, because it allows for a clear connection and full use of your phone, but it also acts as a physical shield between your cell phone and your body, just like a lead vest shields you from x-ray radiation at the doctor’s office.

And finally, there's the beautiful HARApad iPad cases.

The iPad case is made of real leather, a natural and organic material, and allows you or your children to use an iPad safely, without having to worry about radiation pouring from the pad as you read, write, watch TV's or movies, or play your favorite games. It contains all the necessary heat and radiation shielding to keep you safe from iPad radiation, including protection from:

• Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation
• Radio frequency (RF) radiation
• Electric field radiation
• Heat radiation

It will fit any iPad that is approximately 9.5″ x 7.3″. This includes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPads and iPad Airs. You simply insert your iPad directly into this case. With superior heat and radiation shielding, this is the only iPad case you’ll need. The leather is very thick and strong, so it will also protect your iPad from physical damage.

Click here to check out the HARApad laptop pad, cell phone shield, and iPad case now!