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Muscletrac Muscle Massage Stick

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The Muscletrac Muscle Massage Stick is a performance massage roller with ergonomically designed handles and a firm inner rod to allow you to easily vary from a light to deep tissue massage with minimal effort – and to quickly speed recovery and eliminate muscle soreness and risk of injury. It's easy to use on your arms, legs, neck and the entire body, and is a convenient size to carry in your bag to use before or after training.

The Muscletrac is very popular among fitness enthusiasts and recreational, competitive and elite athletes across all sports. It provides fast and effective self myofascial release for trigger points, muscle tightness and soreness and can be used for warm-up, recovery and therapy applications.

The key to the effectiveness of the Muscletrac – and the difference between it and other muscle massage devices – lies in the specialized design of the wheel. When you roll this massage stick across the muscle tissue on your legs, arms, hips or anywhere else, the individual articulating wheels allow for everything from superficial to deep and segmented penetration and stretching of the muscle tissue and overlying fascia.

Grab a Muscletrac today and start getting rid of your sore and tight spots and increasing your range-of-motion and mobility immediately!