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RestWise Recovery Tracking System

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The RestWise Recovery Tracking System is the #1 tool that Ben Greenfield recommends in his New York Times Bestselling book “Beyond Training” for quantifying and tracking your recovery, and ensuring you are able to predict when you're going to have your best workouts, and when you have a risk of illness or injury so you can take immediate action and get the most effective results from your training and recovery.

RestWise takes the science of recovery out of the lab and puts it into your hands. You simply answer a brief series of research-based questions on the RestWise website every day, and the resulting Recovery Score will, for the first time ever, quantify your body's state of recovery and allow you to know when to go hard, when to go easy, and exactly how recovered your body is at any given time.

Your RestWise kit comes with full access to all the RestWise tracking tools, along with a fingertip pulse oximeter to measure your morning oxygen saturation and recovery status. Just do one simple daily measurement to ensure you're recovering at peak capacity, and to know exactly how your body is responding to your life, your stress, your foods and your workouts.