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KetamineReset™ by BioReset Medical

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Dr. Cook is a board-certified anesthesiologist who has completed a fellowship in functional medicine.

His practice, BioReset™ Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness.

At BioReset™ Medical, he treats some of the most challenging to diagnose and difficult to live with ailments that people suffer from today, including Lyme disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and mycotoxin illness.

Dr. Cook’s approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural and integrative methods available.

The philosophy at BioReset™ Medical is grounded in the belief that taking a systems approach to healthcare is the best way to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself.

This philosophy is similar to that of Plato’s belief that “the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

BioReset™ Medical uses the best of modern science, technology and ancient wisdom to create some of the most advanced integrative approaches to treating complex issues many face today.

What is KetamineReset™?

KetamineReset™ is an easy and safe clinical procedure, using video telemedicine technology to consult with patients and to support them during ketamine sessions.
Ketamine is a drug that has been used to reset PTSD, anxiety and a variety of other depression disorders for many years.

There are a variety of mechanisms for this treatment based on influencing neurological pathways and neurotransmitters. This supports patients as we guide them in strategy to recover from PTSD and live their best life.

The doctors at BioReset Medical use video telemedicine technology to consult and support you during ketamine sessions.
  • They prescribe the mitochondrial enhancers that support you before, during, and after ketamine sessions.
  • They  guide you through therapeutic sessions to help you contextualize your experience after the therapy.

Book your Ketamine Reset. Use code BENDEAL for a $250 discount.

“Dr. Matthew Cook, of Bioreset Medical, is not only my partner in crime in the country music band “Rocky Roots,” but is also a deep, deep well of knowledge on all things regenerative medicine (and is now even doing telemedicine “Ketamine Resets).

Whether you need to fix Lyme, mold, or mycotoxin issues, completely repair a knee or back issue without surgery, learn how to treat SIBO naturally, or get the most advanced anti-aging and longevity treatments that currently exist, he's your man.” – Ben