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NatureBeat Heart Rate Variability Tracker (HRV App for iOS)

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Click here for a list of heart rate monitors that are 100% compatible with this app.

Need to know if you're recovering properly? How a meal or food is affecting your nervous system and body? Whether your body is ready to go hard or whether it needs a break? Heart rate variability measurement can tell you all that and more, and this app for iOS also includes respiration, energy, skin temperature, steps, activity and more (and it's very easy to use!).

Whether you wear it throughout the day, or just do a simple 5 minute measurement each morning, the NatureBeat Heart Rate Variability Tracker app measures:

-Heart Rate
-Heart Rate Variability
-Skin temperature
-Steps and activity

The NatureBeat phone app combined with a monitoring device (you can choose to use either a bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor or a patch called a HealthPatch) provide real-time measurements of your recovery and nervous system health using state-of-the-art sensor technology and data correlation algorithms. It is the exact system that Ben Greenfield uses every morning to track his own heart rate variability, recovery status and training readiness.

This app also integrates and correlates data with popular fitness platforms like Restwise, MapMyFitness, Fitbit and Withings. The next big thing in biohacking is to understand the information presented in the data that you track every day, and this is a perfect way to do it, while getting many valuable metrics all at once like HRV, stress, heart rate, weight, steps, calories, and much more.

The Monitor screen on the NatureBeat app allows you to choose which feature you would like to use (Stress Monitoring, HRV for Training, or Heart Rate Recovery). After starting a session, the your metrics will fill the screen, and include heart rate, HRV, stress level, current mood.

The EKG-like heart beat trace is the first window you see when you begin tracking on the Monitor screen. By flipping this window around, you can see several other real-time features, including the stats screen (more widely referred to as the “geek” mode screen) which shows all the metrics used in the algorithm calculations and then some! If using the HealthPatch (available as a patch you can stick on your body, which you can order straight from inside the app once you download it), you can then go on to monitor your respiration, energy, skin temperature, steps and activity.

The graph screen shows a real-time building graph of your heart rate from what are called “RR Intervals”. Turning the phone 90 degrees counter-clockwise will bring up this graph in landscape, and gives you real-time feedback about your heart rate activity. This is the future of noninvasive monitoring of cardiovascular and nervous system health and performance!

The correlation screen uses a patent pending algorithm to correlate all of the Fitbit data you share with NatureBeat. This data will come from the app itself, the HealthPatch and any other apps the user has authorized (Fitbit, Withings, MapMyFitness, etc.). Settings allow you to view demos or analyze the correlations between their own data. You can then choose which metric you want to correlate to the others (HRV, stress, or weight). You can choose to see all of your data or put in specific date ranges.

In competitive sports, improved performance is achieved by alternating periods of intensive training with periods of relative rest. NatureBeat uses patent pending algorithms to create a personalized reference line for you based on 3-minute daily HRV readings. Just like your own personal coach or physician, the app recommends you to “train as usual”, have a “low exertion day”, or take a “rest day”.

To use the food sensitivity test, you first take a morning reading of your pulse to establish a baseline for the day. Before eating a meal, you record the foods comprising the next meal and performs a pulse test. After you have finished eating, the app will prompt you to record heart rate every 30 minutes until 90 minutes have passed. Once testing is complete, the meal will either pass or fail for food sensitivity.

As you can see, there is a ton that you can track with this powerful tool, and it's my #1 choice for self-quantification! Click here to use this heart rate variability monitoring system now!

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