Attention Christians who understand and love the publishing, online and offline marketing and crowdfunding industry!

This posting is a new job opportunity to work for Ben Greenfield (from anywhere in the world) as the lead operations manager for Ben’s newly designed Christian Gratitude Journal. If you, or someone you know, is the perfect fit for this position, then follow the instructions at the bottom of this post to contact Ben.

Job Description:

You're positive, have a great work ethic, are a Christian, and love all things books, journals, marketing and publishing. You're looking for a place that you can not only make a big impact on the world but also that values your abilities and where you get to work closely with the founder. You'd love to work in a role that provides meaning and helps you work on yourself as you work for the organization.

You love to keep things organized, have had experience with customer service, crowdfunding, publishing and are most at home ensuring whatever needs to get done gets done consistently. You love multitasking, are extremely proactive and have the ability to juggle tasks and calendars.

We want to work with you. We'll help you have a fantastic time and grow with us. We'll help you build skills and make people happier at the same time. And best of all, we'll all have fun making a difference.

Here are the requirements and details for this position. Candidate must have the following requirements (and able to provide proof) –

– Over 18 years of age

– Christian

– Live and breathe online and love operations and keeping things on track

– Have worked on, designed and have experience running crowdfunding campaigns on either Kickstarter, Indigogo or both

– Have an understanding of and experience with working in the online and offline publishing industry, including Amazon and communication with printers.

– Have experience using and marketing across social networks, blogs and content sharing communities including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

– Have very good and thorough research ability (anything from researching gifts for suppliers to new articles and content for the blog)

– Have excellent writing abilities, including the ability to copy write, design email autoresponders, edit, etc.

– Have experience with WordPress and/or basic web design or website upkeep

– Have the desire to engage in sales and promotion, including interactions with Christian bookstores, podcasts, blogs, etc. to assist with journal promotion

– Elementary photo/video editing skills (Photoshop, Audition/Final Cut)


– Salary beginning at 1500/month for 25-30 hours of work per week

– Working directly with founders

– Working from anywhere in the word, from home, coffeeshops, etc.


The journal has already been designed and is prepared for printing, promotion and crowdfunding. Ben has been working closely with the designers of the original “5 Minute Journal” to ensure that the new Christian Gratitude Journal is an amazing piece of art and a work that will change many, many lives. Now he is looking for a right hand man or woman to run the crowdfunding, promotional and print campaign.

Do you think you have what it takes for this position? Know someone who does? Have questions about the position? Contact Ben at [email protected] with subject line: “Christian Gratitude Journal position” and include an intro to you and all relevant work experience.