donate Just imagine – you're walking around the gym in your beautiful midnight black and lime green t-shirt and someone taps you on the back.

You turn around.

“Hi! I was just wondering…why does your personal trainer tell you to eat more fat?”

You flash a knowing smile, “Because most fat is actually really good for you! The problem in most people's diets is not fat, but actually refined sugar and processed carbohydrate consumption!”

The person at the gym furrows their brow, “What do you mean? Isn't fat full of calories?

You confidently continue, “Yes, but the fats from good healthy sources like avocado, olive oil, ground flax or seeds and nuts actually fires up your metabolism, speeds up cholesterol burning, and lubricates your joints. And even fats that have gotten a bad rap, like butter and coconut oil, are actually really good for the arteries and cardiovascular health, as long as you don't eat too much of them.”

They raise their hand to stop you, “Wait a second! What about low-fat diets…how come people lose weight on low-fat diets?

Now you're really rolling, “They don't! Most research studies show a significantly greater weight loss when a ‘high-fat' Mediterranean style diet of fish, vegetables, seeds and nuts is combined with low-sugar carb consumption from fruits and whole grains.”

Their eyes open wide, “Wow. I had no clue.”

You continue, “Did you know that America had a much lower problem with chronic disease and heart attacks only after everyone started preaching “low-fat”.  We cut appetite satisfying butter, beef, dairy, and nuts out of our diet and  replaced all those fats with sugary carbs, which are incredibly more damaging, and can even raise cholesterol.”

The inquisitive gym-goer smiles, “Hey, thanks for your time. I actually learned something!”

“Anytime!” You turn around and head off to do your short and highly effective 30 minute metabolism-booster routine that you copied from the BenGreenfieldFitness exercise videos, as they head off to waste their time with 70 minutes of cardio on the elliptical trainer.

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