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Whether you're looking to lose fat and gain muscle without resorting to fad diets or you are a ripped superhuman training for your next triathlon, marathon or 5K, the new Ben Greenfield Fitness app will provide you with natural remedies and complete solutions to maximize your nutrition, fitness and performance results, and upgrade your life.

Like most of us, Ben didn't always have what it takes to swim, bike, and run in triathlons around the world, but his natural healthy living approach will have you eating real food, getting ripped and living a high intensity, high performance, high energy lifestyle!

Every week, Ben dishes out practical tips, the latest research, and audios, videos and articles that will teach you how to optimize your performance, maximize fat loss and detox your body. This app equips you with everything you need to look, feel and perform exactly the way you want to, including:

  • Weekly health and fitness episodes jam-packed with the latest cutting-edge scientific research and advice
  • Insider interviews with the world's leading experts in performance and nutrition
  • Entertaining video clips straight from Ben with practical lifestyle tips – including app-exclusive content
  • Free exercise training routines with video examples to follow along with on your phone
  • Downloadable .pdf’s and pictures to accompany your cutting-edge fitness content, and much more!

Click here now to download the free iPhone app.

Click here now to download the free Android app.

124 thoughts on “Every Fitness & Nutrition Tip You’ll Ever Need Is In This Free App.

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  17. Paul Gagne says:

    I no longer receive your weekly pod cast, did I get voted out of the tribe.

    1. oh no- do you mean on the app, or via email?

  18. Dora Dorenbush says:

    Hi Ben,

    In your podcast with Kevin Rose, you mentioned an oil you use….. couldn’t catch the name. Sounded like chitron oil with blue spruce. Checked your site for it and tried google but I guess I don’t have the correct name.

    Would you mind letting me know the correct name and where I might find it.


    Love your podcasts.


    1. See the shownotes above where I have written essential oils. It is Shutran oil and blue spruce oil, both you can get at YoungLiving:…

  19. Rita Crow says:

    Very helpful health hints and explanations

  20. Edmo says:

    Hey, Ben… If you had a rotator cuff tear and we’re looking to heal it, which would you choose, TB 500 or bpc 157? I have no limitations as far as competition is concerned. I am just an average guy trying to get healthy.

    1. tb500 if competition is not a concern.

  21. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Ben,

    I found you through researching the best vitamins. I had an iridologist tell me some things about my health and I am trying to heal myself.

    Curious as a 51 year old woman needing to heal my nervous system, my glandular system and get rid of parasites what would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hey Lisa, this is too complex a question to go through without seeing some testing and going into more detail. Feel free to book a consult at and choose 20 or 60 minutes and we'll get you scheduled.

  22. Amy C says:

    Hi Ben, I’ve been taking the Ketopia 10 day reset and now I’ll never go back. With 3 days left I don’t know what to do to transition out of the Ketopia specific brand supplements to a continued Keto life. I’m also a vegetarian which makes it tricky. Can you tell me what supplements I need to continue?

    PS My boyfriend has been such a Keto success I never could have or even known about it if it weren’t for him. I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago and in fear of gaining weight decided to give it a shot and I am so grateful that I did. (I used to overcompensate workouts 7x a week for overeating).

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  23. WendyAdkins says:

    Thanks for discussing the ‘cardio first or strength first’ in your recent podcast. This was a question, which I was researching for quite some time, and now it’s very clear – it doesn’t matter much and it should not be a major concern for one’s workout strategy. I don’t work out for fat loss but I liked the point where you mention that if weight lifting is done before cardio exhaustion then it will also have an advantage of warming up your muscles in preparation for endurance training.


  24. Gringoire katell says:

    Hi Ben, I have just listened to your interview on entrepreneur on fire and enjoyed your advice and mindset . I am a french woman of 42 living in Paris , entrepreneur and fitness is part of me. Katell

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