In this free, November 18 audio episode, listener Q&A's on whether hormones are suppressed from endurance training, what to do about fat legs, question from a 430lb man, how many repetitions of a weightlifting exercise gives you the best results, and TWO bonus videos!


Featured Topic:

This week's featured topic includes TWO bonus videos!

Bonus Video #1: Ben demonstrates a very effective and short workout that you can do in your office!

Bonus Video #2: Ben demonstrates to make a green super-smoothie (great for fat loss or nighttime snacking)…

Bonus Audio: Click here to download a recent audio interview that Ben did about his 7 Keys to Training For Ironman With Minimum Time Commitment

Listener Q&A:

Listener Greg asks: “Hi Ben, I've recently found your extremely interesting podcast. Thank you. Especially interesting was this last podcast as it is a topic near to me these days.I live in Canada and am what you call a serious hobby endurance athlete. I am 31, been doing endurance sport for 18 years. The first 12 years I competed as an elite cyclist. At 25 I quit this and started running marathons. I do it as a hobby, but 236 is my pr. In the past 5 months I have my blood tested 4 times and each time has shown low testosterone (aver 5.5 nmol/L) and also LH (aver 1.0 IU/L). I live in Canada so things move slow, I see the endocrinologist next week, where I expect him to schedule a mri as i understand this could be pituitary related. My question is, I know our hormonal system can be suppressed with endurance training. Can there be long term effects? I've taken this year the easiest in years (nagging injuries)so have not pushed it at all. Could the non recovering injuries be related as well to the low testosterone? Any suggestions on directions, questions to ask? Thanks a lot.”

Listener Miguel asks: “My name is Miguel and I'm 19 years old. I live and train in Lisbon, Portugal. I am a student in University and I am also a triathlete. As you know triathlon training requires much of my body and I have to eat lot of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. However, to perform better in future races I would like to lose some body fat percentage. It happens that I am skinny on my chest and abdominal area but fat on legs and butt so when I cut some calories I loose only fat on the abdominal area and not on legs and sometimes when I do that performance in training is worse. I weight 61kgs and measure 177cm. What would you recommend me to do?”

Listener Jon (430lbs) asks: “I got out of the Navy in 1998, I weighed 205 lbs stood 5 foot 10. I have a large frame for my size. I had a problem adjusting to civilian life and developed depression. Since I was a little kid, I have had Sleep Apnia. It never manifested itself until I got bigger. I am not sure when I went so far down hill but I got there. I used to be a gym rat, loved to run and have fun, etc. but now I can barely walk. I don't want to do the lap band thing. In 2007 I almost died and wound up in the hospital, I also developed cellulitis or lymphedima depending on which doctor you ask. So when I get sick my leg gets infected and blows up requiring a 3 day stay in the hospital requiring alot of meds. I have figured out what medication and just ask for a running prescrip[tion so if I do feel sick I take some to keep the leg under control. Anyway I am telling you all this because I have 3 kids and a wife, I would like to be here to see them grow up. I need help. I have a total gym… I don't even think about going to an actual gym because people look at me like a freak because of my leg enough just walking around. Lately my back has started to bother me and so has my left knee (the side of the infection). Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I had gone into the hospital, well they hollowed out my throat taking out the uvela and tonsils, since then I do not have trouble sleeping. Before my blood pxygen count going to my brain was around a 35 now it's like a 95 or better, so now that I am awake and more alert, I can concentrate on other things. I want to get off my ass and get moving, but I have been dormant so long it is really difficult. Long story short, I downloaded your e-book and now an writing to ask for any advice.”


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