#245: What Are The Best Fat Loss Supplements, Controlling Blood Sugar During Ketosis, Natural Asthma Remedies and More!

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June 26, 2013 Podcast: What Are The Best Fat Loss Supplements, What To Do About Worn Cartilage, Controlling Blood Sugar During Ketosis, Natural Remedies for Exercise Induced Asthma, Does ADHD Medication Affect Performance, and How To Heal Injured Ribs.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Fiona (FitBritMom) asks @ 00:21:39 – What Are The Best Fat Loss Supplements?
Could you give your expert opinion on cissus extract for joint health and weight management. She is currently training for a marathon, is turning 40 next year and has a family history of arthritis. Is cissus worth it or is there something else she should be taking instead?

~ In my response to Fiona, I reference joint support supplement Capraflex and also the Pacific Elite Fitness Fat Loss Pack. I also discuss Cissus Quadrangularis supplements inflammation and the website InflammationFactor.com.

Steve asks @ 00:31:57 – What To Do About Worn Cartilage
He is a former overweight substance abuser turned ultra runner that has had meniscus surgery twice, wears a knee brace, foam rolls, has done all the strengthening exercises for his legs and glutes, has done acupuncture and still has knee pain. Feels like it is bone on bone. He really wants to be able to run again, is there anything else he can do? He really wants to set a good example for his kids and seems to think he will slip back into his previous life if he can't run.

~ In my response to Steve, I mention “The Elliptigo“.

Eric says @ 00:39:38 – Controlling Blood Sugar During Ketosis
Is it necessary to do the blood sugar hacks (like using a lot of cinnamon and bitters) if you are in ketosis? And clearly another Eric Is also wondering if you have noticed the “ketogenic breath”?

~ In my response to Eric, I mention Bitter Melon Extract. I also mention Charcocaps and these Metron breath ketone measuring devices.

Bob asks @ 00:48:39 – Natural Remedies for Exercise Induced Asthma
Do you have any suggestions for some diagnosed with EIB (exercise induced bronchial spasms)? Benadryl seems to help but he doesn't want to take that all the time.

~ In my response, I mention this asthma podcast with Dr. Minkoff. I also recommend the Autoimmune Paleo diet and this TrainingPeaks autoimmune diet. And the natural anti-histamine fish oil.

Anonymous asks @ 00:56:33 – Does ADHD Medication Affect Performance?
He is a 50-year-old athlete who takes 20mg of Adderall for ADHD and also .5mg Clonazepam for sleep and anxiety. He is wondering how these might be effecting his performance (for good or bad). Also, are there ways to use more natural substances to ween off of these medications?

~ In my response, I mention the GAPS diet for ADHD. I also mention my recommended Brain Supplements and Brain Add-Ons, including:

-500-1000mg Aniracetam combined with 1-2g Phosphatidylcholine, used sparingly before high mental demanding activities

-2-6g/day triglyceride based fish oil – recommend SuperEssentials

-Acetyl-L-carnitine – 500mg, 1x/day – recommend 1-2 servings “NutraRev” per day

-Alpha-lipoic-acid, 100mg, 1x/day – recommend 1-2 servings “NutraRev” per day

-For depression/lack of motivation – 3000mg Tyrosine + 300mg 5-HTP

-It is HIGHLY recommended that you do neurotransmitter testing before experimenting with these particular supplements, but for neurotransmitter balance (behavioral issues, depression, etc.), you can start with 4 NeuroReplete (to balance catecholamines and increase serotonin), twice daily (in the AM and at 4 PM) with 2 CysReplete (for L-Cysteine to increase catecholamine synthesis or when using D-5 Mucuna), three times daily (the first dose at noon). Read the Kalish Method book or talk to Ben before experimenting too much with this stuff.

Gina says @ 01:11:45 – How To Heal Injured Ribs
Fell off a chair and bruised (maybe fractured) her ribs (says she was not drunk). Went to a chiropractor, told him about her ribs and he still did a spinal adjustment and re-injured her ribs. What do you recommend to heal them as fast as possible – wants to get back to spinning, running, getting her HR up but can't really breathe right now or move her right side.

~ In my response I recommend a Rib Belt.


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One thought on “#245: What Are The Best Fat Loss Supplements, Controlling Blood Sugar During Ketosis, Natural Asthma Remedies and More!

  1. Kathy says:

    You’re not kidding about not sneezing (for the person with the rib injury). I had a sharp pain after sneezing 2.5 weeks ago, and it still hurts! My massage therapist said I pulled my pec minor muscle. It’s one of the lamest reasons one can give for not being able to climb up a hill.

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