Episode #204: How To Modify Your Exercise And Nutrition As You Get Older

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Aug 15, 2012 free podcast: How To Modify Your Exercise And Nutrition As You Get Older. Also: healing a broken foot, dealing with an eating and/or exercise disorder, post workout nausea, using the MostFit Suspension System, does your body self-limit, healing your gut after radiation therapy, ammonia in your sweat, and can green coffee bean extract hurt your workouts?

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Tony:
Recently broke a bone in his foot and is looking for help from the nutritional side and supplement side. Also looking for advice on how to stay fit while on crutches for the next 8 weeks.

~ In his response to Troy, Ben mentions Capraflex.

Audio Question from Chuck:
Has been dealing with an eating disorder for years. Is currently checked in to an in-patient facility and eating all meals there. Exercise is frowned on until more weight is restored. Feels like all the weight he is putting on is going straight to his stomach. Wants to distribute the weight more evenly without sabotaging any success he is having in the program.

Audio Question from Ben:
Post workout nausea and/or lightheadedness. He trains fasted, usually around 11 or noon. Drinks a shake in the locker room right after lifting, squatting, push/pull etc… drinks a small coconut water and whey protein shake. 10 or 15 minutes after the shake he gets dizzy and nauseous. He doesn't have this issue if he skips the shake.

Audio Question from Ben:
He is driving from California to New York and would like to stay fit during the trip. Do you think he could anchor the Most Fit Suspension Trainer on the car door the same way you do on a home or hotel door?

~ In his response to Ben, Ben mentions The MostFit Suspension Strap.

Bill asks:
I am a 60 year old male triathlete and using Ben's advanced 1/2 Ironman training plan. What adjustments in training, recovery and nutrition would you advise in general for older athletes? I find I'm taking an extra day off (usually an easy recovery training day) while working full time with family responsibilities.

~ In his response, Ben mentions the liquid multivitamin.

Bill asks:
About eight months ago (before I became a listener) I purchased Ellington Darden's “New High Intensity Training,” As a result of applying this approach, I have become stronger, at 48-years-old, than at any other time in my life (including while playing college football). It's been great. However, I have two concerns. First, I am still going up… with no particular reason to keep getting stronger. I'm a creative director, not an offensive tackle. Should I just pick a plateau and choose to stay there forever? Or what? Also, my lifts are starting to be limited by (or possibly damage) non-target areas – for example, I could go higher on dumbbell flies as far as my chest is concerned, but my wrists aren't strong enough. And I can keeping squatting higher weights, but my hips are hurting. Seems like my body's trying to self-limit, maybe? I am surprised by how strong I have become with no ceiling in sight… is there a ceiling? Any thoughts, on HIT training in general and this situation in particular?

Lauri says:
My partner just completed abdominal radiation therapy for cancer. Needless to say, this pretty much trashed her digestive system. I have been looking into the GAPS diet as a potential method to help her along the healing path. However, when I've done a search through PubMed, I have not been able to find any peer reviewed articles on this diet. Are you familiar with any that are out there? I may just not have the correct search parameters.

~ In his response, Ben talks about the book: Fourfold Path To Healing.

Andrew asks:
I seem to be producing very high levels of ammonia in my sweat. In fact, if I was working out in a public gym I'm sure people would think I'd wet myself. This seems to be irrespective of whether it's a low intensity long workout or high intensity intervals. I consider my diet reasonably balanced though I am having trouble lowering my body fat levels despite a slow but steady weight loss. I take no supplements though I have just purchased a protein powder.

Gerry says:
I recently watched a Dr. Oz episode that mentioned chlorogenic acid in the form of pure green coffee bean extract. The info presented stated that this acid slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream and burns glucose and fat in the liver. I'm trying to drop weight, but I'm a very active triathlete who works out 6 days per week. Would this supplement be beneficial to help me reach my weight loss goals? Or would it be detrimental to my training and nutrition by decreasing the amount of glucose available to my body during workouts?

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9 thoughts on “Episode #204: How To Modify Your Exercise And Nutrition As You Get Older

  1. Rose says:

    A really fascinating read, I might properly not agree totally, but you do make some
    quite legitimate points.

  2. Auravie Reviews says:

    Heya are using WordPress for your blog platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own.

    Do you need any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Kathy says:

    Hi, Ben,
    I was re-listening to this podcast, and I was wondering how it worked out with the Intelliskin? I haven't heard you mention it recently. I exercise a good amount: cycle, yoga, weights, etc. But I am a terrible sloucher! I work at the computer most of the day, and you'd think I'm melting down the chair. Did you find the Intelliskin to really work and correct posture?

    1. Yes, so far intelliskin has worked really well!

  4. Katie says:

    Ben, I recently bought the mostfit suspension strap for a trip to Italy where I will have limited access to gyms and easy access to pizza and gelato :) can you share the workout routine you do with the strap? I didn’t find too much with an online search and am not very creative!

  5. Kem Johnson says:

    Aging ahtletes. Adding COQ10 sounds a good Idea. Currently, only supplement with D (gp's advice as a better alternative to a flu shot) Extra rest and adjusted ambitions, I did a little solo ski tour today (somewhat naughty but the snow is stable and i didn't f.u.). Weather was great, snow was crap. A good afternoon out.

    I can relate well with Laurie. The only thing worse than radiotherapy would be doing it without a life partner… well, and morphine. My surgeon and Dr Weil both had the same advice for me… walk. Starts at a few metres post surgery, gets to a couple of easy km's then drops to a 15 minute struggle by the end of treatment. I wouldn't be writing without the effort my wife expended for me. Good Luck Laurie and wife.

    Now we have to wait for you podcast guys to drag some presenters onto your shows. An wait for the AHS to put out the presentations. Denise Minger is first on my list to watch.

  6. Kem Johnson says:

    Just about to begin listening… all ears.

    1. You'll have to let me know what you think, Kem. As usual, there's lots of "other" info too!

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