#232: Podcasting LIVE – Is Decaf Coffee Healthy, Can You Have Too Much Iron, How Often Should You Pee On The Bike And More!

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March 7, 2013 free podcast: Is Decaf Coffee Healthy, Can You Have Too Much Iron, How Often Should You Pee On The Bike, How To Stop Chafing When You're Running, What Happens To Your Gut When You Get Too Hot During Exercise, Fish vs. Fish Oil…and More!

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Chris asks @ 00:14:10
I have to urinate frequently while training and racing, last weekend I had to go 3 times in the first 25 miles of a ride. That will just annoy me in my IM in may. What are some things I can try, eliminate or experiment with to get in front of this. Is it just too much water that I drink leading up to long workouts? Too much water the night before? Maybe too much water and not enough elecotrolytes? Maybe excess sodium in my diet is causing me over drink during the week? Last year I had to make pit stops in my two “A” races.

Misty asks 00:20:32
Any thoughts on auto urine therapy? I know its an ancient practice among some cultures, and people have even survived on their own urine when there was nothing else around. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on it for detox, immune and general health.

Angela asks 00:26:30
I wanted to see if you have a solution for friction burns on the upper arms while running. If I do any distance over 7km, I seem to get burns under my arms and they are so painful.

~ In my response to Angela, I recommend: Hammer Balm (use 15% discount code 80244), Hammer Seat Saver  (use 15% discount code 80244), and Coconut Oil (works better mixed with aloe).

Dushan wrote 00:30:10
I've always avoided decaf because I heard that the chemicals they use in the process are bad for you. Then I heard about Swiss water decaf, which doesn't use chemicals, but is expensive. Then I talked to a coffee rep. at Costco who told me that they wash their decaffeinated coffee and none of the chemicals remain. My wife also read that the chemicals evaporate at 190 degrees and coffee gets roasted at 350. She also read that rats were tested with the chemical with no effects. Any thoughts?

~ In my response to Dushan, I recommend Bucer's Incognito blend  or Bulletproof Decaf Coffee.

Gareth asks 00:38:47
I recently got diagnosed with Hemochromatosis (High Iron Levels) with  very high transferrin saturation but average ferritin levels. It's hereditary.  It's easy to find allot written online in relation to the impact of low Iron levels on Endurance athletes but I cant find much information on the impact of high Iron levels. Can you offer any advice?  Is it a benefit or drawback? I'm a runner doing mostly 5K and 10K distances and I average 70 miles a week.

Cheri asks 00:46:36
This year I entered a my 4th 100 mile race ~ It was 93 degrees come race day & at mile 34 the Aidstation ran out of water!!  I went approx 10 miles in 93 degrees with no water.  I continued on to mile 50 but stopped due major brain fog & sweating heavy when walking.  It took me about 3 weeks to get “mentally” back to normal.  They say that once you have “heatstroke” you are more prone to having it again.  If I acclimatize myself prior to going into a race (if I know it'll be hot), Will I have the possibility of feeling the same even if i'm hydrated?

~ In my response to Cheri, I recommend my recent USAT webinar on heat acclimation methods.

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12 thoughts on “#232: Podcasting LIVE – Is Decaf Coffee Healthy, Can You Have Too Much Iron, How Often Should You Pee On The Bike And More!

  1. Well i do use decaf coffee as my beauty treatments by applying into skin. But as per good health benefits of what i read, i think i need to drink a decaf coffee as more often nowadays.

  2. Rhamnose says:

    I've not tried Decaf Coffee yet but I have wish to try it soon. I hope that it will give me an awesome feelings. Thanks

  3. Luke says:

    I every time spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s content all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  4. Tutti says:

    Have you ever heard anything about or tried madre labs coffee with cordyceps? I use it and like it. I had gone off of caffeine for a few years and have a severe mold allergy, but have not had any reaction to this product. I would like your take on it…

    1. Tutti, I haven't tried this but it loks fascinating! I'm a fan of BOTH organic coffee and of cordyceps!

  5. Grace says:

    Ben, As far as I can tell, Bucer's coffee is not organic. doesn't that mean there are a lot of chemicals on the coffee bean?

    1. Some of it is organic – but organic or non it is all super fresh and from the best farms, and the decaff is Swiss Water process…

  6. @TheLoneMarmot says:

    All this talk of urinotherapy reminds me of the quote from the film "Dodgeball":

    "It's not necessary for me to drink my own urine, but I do because it's sterile and I like the taste!"

  7. ETe says:

    Thanks for the podcast! For colostrum, how confident are you that it is actually helping for intestinal permeability (in your own case)?

    As far as I can see, there are only two studies dealing with colostrum, intestinal permeability and exercise. One concludes (30 subjects, 8 weeks, runners) that it increases and the other concludes that it decreases (12 subjects, 2 weeks, mix of sports) intestinal permeability. Unfortunately, both studies include only male subjects in their 20s.

    As far as I understand they both use lactulose to rhamnose excretion ratio as a measure. Would be interested in any comments you may have – both studies are available in full text:
    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC32576… http://ajpgi.physiology.org/content/300/3/G477.fu…


    1. I can tell because I've raced entire, hot Ironman and half-Ironman triathlons both WITH and WITHOUT colostrum. I notice big difference in gut comfort WITH. Also, interestingly, if you use it before drinking you have to drink more to get a buzz – I'm guessing because of less alcohol absorption.

      1. ETe says:

        Thanks Ben! Maybe I will try it in Lang Co Vietnam next month.

        1. You'll be there? Me too!

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