#241: Should You Exercise Before Sleep, What Is The Best Standing Desk, Why Your Big Toe Is Important And More!

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May 22, 2013 Podcast: How does exercise affect sleep, how fast can cholesterol go down, is freezing raw milk bad, what's the best way to run stairs, what is the best standing desk, and why is your big toe important?

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Paul asks @ 00:20:59
He often sleeps for 4 hours (or so) and then wakes up for a couple hours in the middle of the night and is thinking of using that time for training. If he went to bed early (8 or 9:00), slept for 4 hours, woke up, trained, and went back to sleep and didn't eat until he woke up in the morning would that qualify as fasted workout? Would that be helpful for fat loss? Any other thoughts on that idea?

Eric asks @ 00:28:25
He saw the blood work numbers that you posted online and is wondering if you have any concerns about your cholesterol being at 230 before the race and 200 after. Were the doctors “freaking out on you”?

Allie asks @ 00:35:27
Wants to know if freezing raw milk harms it in any way or reduces the positive effects? Also, after doing cold thermogenesis (on yourself, not the milk) do you do anything to warm yourself back up or just let it happen on its own?

Fred asks @ 00:42:39
He tries to take the stairs as often as he can at work to get his heart rate up but is wondering if there is a better way. Bounding up the stairs by two? Steady pace single climb? A combination of both?

Elie says @ 00:46:01
He sits at a desk for 8 to 9 hours a day and is wondering if you have any suggestions of work stations that can counter being in the seated position? Or any other suggestions that will help during the work day.

~ In my response to Elie, I mention:Kangaroo Pro Junior, The best Standing Desks, Brit.co, UpDesk, Standing treadmill desks on Amazon (including TrekDesk), and also the iTunes album.

Steph asks @ 00:55:20
She fractured her fibular sesamoid bone a few years ago (doesn't know how) and has rarely gotten pain in the area but this week it got bad enough that she went in for an X-ray. The doc said that the big toe on that foot has a verus deformity that is turning her toe inward, pushing on the other bones. He also said that the fractured sesamoid is much larger than the other ones. She is on her feet all day at work, has been doing some downhill and cross country skiing. She doesn't run. Doc said she could try steroid injections or a foot pad / orthotic. What else could she try?

~ In my response I mention the Ironman “Try PT: Big Toe Power” article.

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7 thoughts on “#241: Should You Exercise Before Sleep, What Is The Best Standing Desk, Why Your Big Toe Is Important And More!

  1. Heather says:

    Ben, I think you should check out the JustStand Wellness Summit, July 17th in Minneapolis, MN. The leading experts in the sit-stand debate will be in attendance, and it's a perfect spot for someone like you. Check out more info: www.juststand.org/summit

  2. Mike says:

    I've been using an Ergotron sit/stand workstation at my office for a couple of years. They offer a range of products…mine mounts to an existing desk, accommodates dual monitors, and raises and lowers easily by hand. Lots of little accessories available as well. Also, customer service is excellent. The raise/lower mechanism in mine locked up after a year of use…they immediately sent out a replacement with no questions asked. http://www.ergotron.com/StandingDesk/Explore/tabi…

  3. kathleen says:

    Best standing desk: The NextDesk. It's adjustable in height so it has that advantage over the regular stationary desks that most people think of. It's also made with all sustainable materials, made here in the US, and doesn't cost an insane amount like some other adjustable height desks out there.
    I started using one about a year ago and I feel AWESOME. I'm writing this standing up right now :o)
    So. If you are someone trying to lose weight, who wants to feel more energetic, more productive, have better posture, improve your comfort levels… Basically, anyone should look into this. www.nextdesks.com

    And let me know what you think!


  4. kelcey says:

    Thanks for the raw milk info. Sometimes when I buy raw milk if it's really creamy I will pour the cream off the top and make ice cream. Good to know it still retains most of its vitamins and probiotic activity if frozen for a week or less (never lasts longer than a week anyways).

  5. Kelcey says:

    Thanks for the info on freezing raw milk. Sometimes after I get raw milk I will pour off the cream on top and make ice cream with it. Good to know it still retains most of the vitamins and some probiotic activity if only frozen for a week or less (never lasts longer than a day or two!)

  6. Bri-Tri says:

    Wahoo has a LE Bluetooth HR Monitor too. I have been using the one I got with my Kurt Kinetic trainer, which I think is the same one, just rebranded.

    1. Nice! I almost bought the Wahoo Kicker trainer last week. Go LeMond Revolution instead…

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