#256: What Is The Best Biohacking Device, Is Alkaline Water A Scam, & How To Train For Speed and Endurance At The Same Time

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Sep 19, 2013 Podcast: Is alkaline water a scam,  ADHD diet for kids, losing weight after adrenal fatigue, what is the best biohacking device, how to test your electrolytes, and how to train for speed and endurance at the same time.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Testimonial from Chris @ 00:18:28
In a period of 6 months every major aspect of my life – professional, personal and mental – hit complete failure. In a dark place, in incredibly bad health, recovering from a second lower spine surgery, scrambling after my startup company closed shop, spiraling from an incredibly bad (like Manti T'eo meets Catfish bad) relationship breakup, following a two week whiskey bender in Vegas, my older brother (Michael) answered my social network plea to help me hit the life reset button. Together we trained for and finished our first 70.3 triathlon in only 90 days. In the process I'm now in the best shape of my life and have achieved a new level of mental clarity and drive. My 70.3 race goals (in decreasing order) were to 1) finish the half-ironman 2) finish under 6:00:00 maximum 3) finish under 5:45:00 stretch 4) do not walk during the run leg 5) leave with a desire to continue training in endurance multi sports and 6) beat my brother -he beat me in both of our tune-up olympic distance triathlons.

Is Alkaline Water A Scam?

BodyChem says @ 00:22:30
Kangen Water “a means of delivering alkaline water to your body”. Is this a good thing to do for as source of hydration all the time or just now and then?

ADHD Diet for Kids

Breakfast says @ 00:30:51
She has a 10-year-old son that will not eat breakfast. He is on an ADHD medication so he really needs to eat a breakfast with protein in it. Would you recommend a protein powder smoothie for breakfast? She read that Coronation Instant Breakfast was a good thing to give him (due to the vitamins and minerals). She doesn't want to give that to him but she does want to get some protein in with the meds.

Losing weight after adrenal fatigue

Fatloss says @ 00:40:59
Recovering from adrenal fatigue and wants to lose the 10lbs he put on while recovering. What would be the best way to lose the weight without risking a relapse?

~ In my response, I mention the CoolFatBurner.com vest and Focal furniture website.

What is the best biohacking device?

Jen says @ 00:50:20
She has a birthday coming up next month and wants to ask for a biohacking tool or electronic. What would be the best one be for the money that will tell her the most information? She does half and full marathons but mostly just goes to the gym and does group exercise classes. She already has a Garmin and a HR Monitor.

~ In my response, I mention the Azumio Argus + LifeTrak device OR the Zensorium Tinke OR the FitBit. We also mention the MindAlive therapy device.

How to test your electrolytes

Jeremy says @ 00:59:08
He is looking for a good way to track his electrolytes. Is there a way to know what you are specifically low on? He currently uses endurolytes (20 ounces of water and 4 endurolyte pills per hour) but doesn't know if that is the right ratio.

~ In my reply, I mention WellnessFX Baseline Test and DirectLabs Mineral Panel. I also talk about Onnit+ Himalayan Sea Salt or trace liquid minerals.

How to train for speed and endurance at the same time

Mathew says @ 01:04:30
He is doing a “stair race” in February (less than 5 minutes all out max effort) and then do a “50 mile running race” in May. He is worried that he does not have time to switch his body over in between. He has a solid base going into the training but is worried about training for both races almost at the same time.

~ In my response I mention this article on Power and Speed movements.


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6 thoughts on “#256: What Is The Best Biohacking Device, Is Alkaline Water A Scam, & How To Train For Speed and Endurance At The Same Time

  1. Surya says:

    Hello Ben

    I live in London. Am looking to improve the quality of water I consume. Currently on tap water.

    Two options: RO system + himalyan salt, baking powder OR ionized kangen water (much more expensive)

    Any thoughts on whats better ?

    Thanks for being an incredible source of knowledge and perspective.

    1. RO for sure. Kangen can overalkalize water and also add metals to it!

  2. danny_boy1 says:

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the great podcast… what's the liquid supplement with EFA's you talked about giving your kids before bed?

  3. stinkyboomboom says:

    Hi Ben, great podcast as always. In the link to "CoolFatBurner.com" you're missing a '.' between www and the domain name.

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