#258: How To Detox Your Liver, Natural UTI Remedies, Drinking Bulletproof Coffee Every Day, Strength Training For Runners and More!

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Oct 2, 2013 Podcast: Natural UTI remedies, how to detox your liver, can you drink BulletProof Coffee every day, six ways to deal with anxiety, and proven ways to fix muscle cramps.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Photo of RayneTestimonial from Rayne @ 00:26:10
I had a break through and wanted to say thank you! After listening to your pod cast I was inspired to get my act together. I've been transitioning to a lower carb eating style with increased fats and moderate protein. It's been going well – lost some weight and body fat %. I'm a relatively large guy, 6'2″, 230 lbs, with approx 15%bf. But the true trial came this weekend when I ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim. it's 48 miles and 11000 feet of climbing. I've been running ultras for a number of years and have always used “hammer nutrition” products and consumed around 2-300 calories per hour. For this run I tried something I had never used before (Cardinal sin, I know) I used Ucan super starch, Vespa and a couple of Nut butter packets. I Felt Amazing the entire way. I began to feel sleepy in the final miles so I busted out some sport jelly beans that I had held in reserve and the glucose and caffeine woke me up and I flew out of the Canyon with a total run time of just over 13 hours. For the entire day I consumed just under 200 grams of carbs and approx 88 calories per hour! I never thought that it was possible. Thanks again for your insight and inspiration.

Natural UTI Remedies

Craig says @ 00:29:53
He has a friend who is in her mid-70s who struggles with Urinary Tract Infections. She has tried all the stuff the docs suggested but they still come back. Do you have any ideas?

In my response to Craig, I mention the SexyBack Summit by Christa Orecchio and also the d-Mannose supplement and Uva Ursi herb.

How To Detox Your Liver

Kristopher says @ 00:35:40
Is currently rather healthy (and an ultra runner) but was a chronic hard drug abuser in the past. He just went through a WellnessFX Performance blood test and everything looks ok (except for elevated ALT, Liver Enzymes). Is there something specific he should be looking for or at? Is there a cleanse or detox he should use to minimize or heal the damage he has done to himself.

In my reply, I mention the following:

Liposomal Glutathione

Chlorella from RecoveryBits (use 10% discount code BEN)

Activated Charcoal

Full Spectrum Antioxidant like Lifeshotz


Can you drink BulletProof Coffee every day?

Allie says @ 00:52:12
Do you think it is a good idea to use Bulletproof Coffee everyday or should you take a few days off per week and save it for “big days”?

Six Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Michael says @ 00:58:34
What would you recommend for someone with a General Anxiety Disorder and resulting chronic/adrenal fatigue. He is looking for a more natural approach to treating his disorder. He's been on meds and has weened himself off. Then he tried some natural remedies like valarian, st. john's wort, and 5-htp. They've been working pretty well but he is still feeling fatigued. He is looking for supplements, lifestyle advice, or other remedies.

Proven Ways To Fix Muscle Cramps

Christopher says @ 01:13:13
He recently lost a lot of weight, started eating paleo and started racing Ironman. Since then he has been getting a lot of cramps in calves, hamstrings and thighs. Not necessarily while training or racing but when he is asleep. If he flexes his calf hard enough he can cause it to cramp whenever he wants. Is there something he could add into his diet to help? Could it be dehydration?

In my response to Christopher, I mention the article on muscle cramps and I mention Natural Calm Magnesium.


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14 thoughts on “#258: How To Detox Your Liver, Natural UTI Remedies, Drinking Bulletproof Coffee Every Day, Strength Training For Runners and More!

  1. Seth says:

    Ben, I have a fatty liver and have read that phosphatidylcholine is supposed to help. Is there a difference in the “regular” kind that’s cheaper and the more expensive, harder to find polyunsaturated version? Do you recommend one over the other?

    1. I should begin by clarifying the fact that I am *not* a physician and this is *not* to be interpreted as medical advice. Please talk to a licensed medical professional about all of this! If I were going to use any version of choline, I'd get it from krill oil. Onnit has good brand, and you get 10% discount at http://www.onnit.com/bengreenfield

      1. Seth says:

        Thanks Ben!

  2. Kat_f says:

    Was just re-listening to this episode. Brock was saying there should be a term for 'turning your butt on.' I've heard of the opposite term, 'glute amnesia' (which I definitely suffer from).

    1. I believe Brock has a forgetful butt as well ;)

  3. ffirestine says:

    Now I am picturing Ben with a big "Easy button" on his butt. Is that a good example for the kids? I think not. Also, I am disappointed about the lack of specific "food in your pants" recommendations for helping with public speaking. I will go with the podcast's usual recommendations of low carb, high fat, gluten free… Coconut oil might actually work pretty well.

    Thanks for the anti-cramping recommendations. I have had the same issue of waking up suddenly with leg cramps and hopping out of bed. Not fun!

  4. Phil says:

    Just a suggestion for Kristopher. If he hasn’t already, would also make sure he gets checked for HepB, HepC and HIV.

    Ben- great work. just pre.-ordered your book. best of luck in Kona

  5. rrbierl says:

    I was just wondering what the training structure was like for the endurance/strength training study. Did they substitute weight training in for endurance training, or did they just add it in and not change the amount or intensity of running. Good stuff, thanks

    1. This is what the study said: The Endurance-only Group, continued their usual training, which included general strength training with Thera-band latex-free exercise bands and endurance training. The Strength Group, performed combined resistance and plyometric exercises and endurance training. The Endurance Group, performed endurance-strength training with loads of 40% and endurance training.

  6. love2runfast says:

    Wondering if you have ever read "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross? If so, how does it compare to the Kalish Method book in regards to safe natural remedies for replenishing amino acids to help control depression, stress and anxiety?
    Thank you!

    1. Haven't read it yet. Thanks for the heads up and I'll look into it!

  7. Buddy says:

    Chris From Chicago.

    I too have suffered from cramps in the same way you do. Mine mostly came on at night in the hamstrings, or sometimes while sitting at my desk after a long run.

    What I found eliminated the cramps is vinegar. I eat a salad most days now, and the dressing contains about a dessertspoon of vinegar. On these days I will have no cramps. On days when I don't have vinegar I will have a cramp, most likely.

    So, I'd suggest eating/drinking about a dessertspoon of vinegar about an hour or two after your workout (I use balsamic).

    Also, if you do wake up in the middle of the night with a cramp, keep some mustard by the bed. A teaspoon – or finger dab if you need it really quicky! – will stop the cramp. I imagine this is more of a distraction effect than anything else.

    By the way, I also used to get really intense static cramps in my feet when doing yoga in the evenings. These have now gone too.

    I hope that helps.

  8. René says:


    fyi the link to the 5minute journal is wrong, correct: http://www.fiveminutejournal.com/
    Regards, René

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