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Oct 16, 2013 Podcast: This slightly out of the ordinary podcast features 33 big fitness questions answered by Ben, a special “post Ironman Hawaii” recording with Tawnee Prazak and Brock Armstrong (three of them pictured above), top tips recorded live with other listeners of the BenGreenfieldFitness podcast, and special guest appearances by Vinnie Tortorich and Jessa Greenfield.

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Live RecordingListener Q&A:

Resources mentioned in the Q&A section of this episode include:

Kelcey Reina
What specifically will you do or not do as far as active recovery?

Dan Springborn
Interested in what the 8-9 hours consisted of especially with the twins. What exercises did you focus in the gym or at home? How much swimming?

Sam Nicaise
If you are still podcasting – same question from IMC, how did you mentally feel, before, during, and after the race. Mental fog, strength enough to push it, strong enough to keep run technique good, zoning out, …all that jazz?

Bryan McCrystal
Im guessing you dont count calories. does this translate to race day?. was your fuel all carb?? was there any fat in your fuel?

Peter Bandettini
Did you hit a “wall” at any point? I noticed you slowed to 9+ minute pace at about 17 mi.

Mike Davis
What “under the radar” supplements did you take and what changes to that protocol will/would you adjust?

Warren JT
Did you cycle in carbs? And was it a window of time or just one meal a week ?

Aimee Decaigny
Was there any part of your nutrition/training that you feel better served you in Whistler vs Kona, and vice versa?

Mike Russell
At what level of “base” fitness should we begin minimal training? Or is it appropriate to go couch half/full marathon on minimal?

Andrew Jones
Some more info about extreme isometrics. I got a lot of chronic injuires/tightness going on… is it a good idea to do something like a 5 minute squat for this?

Kurt Man
Anthony How much Brick training did you do and how far? And was your brick training just bike/Run. Great job and thanks for all the help you give!

Kevin Gossett
What changes did you make to pre-race and in-race nutrition from Ironman Canada to Ironman Kona? What changes would you make now, if any, now that you have completed Ironman Kona?

Jim Herman
Do you think that ole school long training such as the hours put in by Dave Scott and Mark Allen would have put you at the top of your age group or even above, given your obvious physical abilities?

Joel Meoak
What was the extent of your running and biking lengths?

Kate Criswell
You recently mentioned on endurance planet a new amino supplement you were going to use. Can you tell us your thoughts on it and is it something you'd take for every workout or just race day.

Heidi Ray
What are the top ten beginner mistakes during a triathlon? For example, when the man who was in the lead coming out of the water couldn't find his bicycle, the commenator said “beginner's mistake.” What are some others?

Darren Touchton
How did the weekly avg hours break down in weight, swim, bike, and run? (2) Did you bring any one of those to the full distance leading up to Kona? Congrats again!

Matthew Ingram
Interested in type of strength sessions (heavy strength, high intensity circuit etc.)?

Scott Hanley
Suggestions on best way to heal a strained calf two weeks out from a 70.3? I have access to a sauna, high elevation river and natural hot springs.

Shelley Walton
What did your weight training program consist of? How many hours per week did you weight train and how much time did you allocate to each session?

Jared Green
I'm interested in someday doing a full Ironman, thus far have only done a sprint tri. Should I try doing run only races, like half/full marathons, or open water swims,etc before training for all three at once?

Brandon Lawrence
On thermogenesis… Since you went from a sauna to a cooler area I would Assume that a bigger temp difference had better effects, say a hot/cold shower vs. a warm/cold shower. Am I correct? Also, what is your reason for using cold adaption as you don't seem to have much fat to lose.

Eduardo R. Lorenzana
Congrats on Kona!! Will you be putting out a soup to nuts outline of your plan? Week by week, nutrition, exercises,etc?

Christopher Allen
Congrats on Kona!!! With a change to a high-fat diet, did you have before and after blood work completed to see if there were and positive or negative affects? I ask because I was on statins before and am afraid to go high-fat and have my cholesterol and triglyceride number go up.

Kyle Parzich
Do you think you could have seen noticeable improvement by adding just 1-2 extra longer sessions a week on top of the minimalist training you did? Also since you raced a late season IM to qualify, do you think you would have performed better at Kona if you qualified at, say IM Texas?

Damien Teney
Among all of the unconventional training techniques you used, which one do you think had the most (positive) impact on your performance ? Hard to know without repeating the experience many times, but I'm sure you can make some guesses!

Kevin Gossett
Any ideas or resources for maximizing swim training in an Endless Pool? I don't have the same feeling that I have in a lap pool.

Paul Carroll
I take it your 8-9 hrs training didn't include weight training?

Kevin Gossett
How far out from Ironman did you start the sauna/cold thermogenesis? Did you add the sauna because of Kona's hot conditions? I know you're a component of cold thermogenesis but not sure if you regularly include a sauna protocol. I'm assuming most of your training was interval/intensity based.

Darcie Gurley
What did you eat/drink the day of the race? How did you feel? And are you going to be going ketogenic for your next one?

Thomas Howell
Your minimalist training methods and hack combos helped you with your under 10hr finish. What do you think you could have changed as far as training and recovery/supps to place higher? Do you feel you would have placed higher with a larger training volume?

Ahmad Fahmy
What are some of the negatives of a ketogenic diet?

Eric Lafontaine
What is the long term effect of such approach? Noticed from your results after canada hormones where a little off.. I can see performance benefit, what about health. The long ride.


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