#280: Are pH Based Diets Proven, Is Bluetooth Dangerous? Should You Exercise Your Chest Every Day and Much More!

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Apr 30, 2014 Podcast (brought to you today by Harry's Shavingclick here to check ‘em out and use code Ben to save 5 bucks!): Does Coolsculpting Fat Loss Surgery Work, What Are Omega 5 and 7 Fats, Should You Exercise Your Chest Every Day, Will A Paleo Diet Cause Gout, 5 Ways To Stay Healthy At College, Are Bluetooth Headsets and Wireless HR Monitors Dangerous, and What Should Your Ratio of Vitamin A, D and K be?

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick/Ninja.

Does Coolsculpting Fat Loss Surgery Work?

Atanas asks: What is your opinion of coolsculpting? Is it good?

In my response I recommend:

What Are Omega 5 and 7 Fats?

Brian asks: We hear plenty of info about Omega 3, 6 and 9 fats but nothing about 5 and 7. Are there any benefits or drawbacks to these omega fats? Especially for an Ironman Triathlete?

In my response I recommend:
SuperEssentials fish oil

Should You Exercise Your Chest Every Day?

Donald asks: He works out with a guy who exercises his chest every single time they go to the gym. Some times 3 or 5 times a week, back to back, he will work our his chest. Is this dangerous? Is it effective? He has never gotten injured or even sore. Is this something specific to the chest, where you can work it out more?

In my response I recommend:
Chapter 6 of my new Beyond Training book

Will A Paleo Diet Cause Gout?

Daniel asks: After a couple years of eating a high protein, paleo, body builder diet, he has experienced some symptoms of gout. Pain in his knees, elbows and ankle along with the big toe attacks you hear about from gout. How can he get rid of the uric acid crystals once and for all? Is there a detox he can do? He plans to do Dan John's Mass Gain protocol and will include all the amino and protein supplements you recommend. Will this be a problem?

In my response I recommend:
-This acid alkaline food chart

5 Ways To Stay Healthy At College

Jennifer asks: Her daughter is going off to college in the fall (running track and cross country) and she is worried that her daughter will become unhealthy while she is there. What can she do to help her daughter stay healthy? What to eat in the cafeteria, how to keep her dorm room healthy, how to avoid fluorescent light and everything else that could make her unhealthy and hurt her running.

In my response I recommend:
1) Good snacks (and an Amazon prime membership), along with BarefootProvisions.com.
2) LowBlueLight bulbs;
3) Blue Light Blocking glasses;
4) Rich Food, Poor Food book;
5) HEPA Air Filter with negative ion generator or Harmonizer from GreenfieldNaturals.com with code BG15 for 15% discount

Are Bluetooth Headsets and Wireless HR Monitors Dangerous?

Hyesun (pronounced Hesson like Lesson) asks: She is wondering if you have concerns about EMFs from bluetooth technology (the HR monitor straps and patches) that we wear right on our bodies? What about EMFs from the Biomat? She's thinking about getting one, but is concerned about the EMFs coming from it. Do you have any thoughts or fears?

In my response I recommend:
The Biomat
AirTube Headset

What Should Your Ratio of Vitamin A, D and K be?

Meg asks: She has heard you talk about how you need to take adequate amounts of Vitamins A and K when you are supplementing with high dose (10,000 – 15,000iu) Vitamin D… but what exactly is an adequate amount? Is the RDA adequate (A is 5,000 and K  is 80mcg)?

In my response I recommend:
This article by Chris Masterjohn of the Weston Price Foundation


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9 thoughts on “#280: Are pH Based Diets Proven, Is Bluetooth Dangerous? Should You Exercise Your Chest Every Day and Much More!

  1. vegpedlr says:

    Red wine + amino acids = Ben's "after"
    Reminds me of Lucho at Leadville: India Pale Ale + Master Amino Acid Pattern = Leadman champ

    On muscle recovery: How does the 36-48 hr rule vs "half-assing" relate to Pavel and Dan John's ideas about "easy strength" and GTG, doing a little bit every day!

    1. Doing a little bit every day is fine. Like, going out to your garage and lifting something heavy a few times is not going to destroy your nervous system. A daily WOD on the other hand…

  2. floatbeyond says:

    Thanks, I know this is an evolving field and evidence changes (think you mentioned this is a recent podcast). You talk about the harmoniser improving the air in your office etc. Do you have any experience using it with water?

    1. I have the same materials in the harmonizer wrapped around the main water pipe in my house. So that is how I do it. Greenfield Naturals could probably make one for you. Email [email protected]

  3. floatbeyond says:

    I wondered if the Harmonizer is different from what Stephen Lower talks about on episode 151. i.e. that it is not possible to structure water.

    1. First, it *is* possible to structure water based on new research from Gerald Polack out of University of Washington, and the Harmonizer was designed based on Exclusion Zone principles he lays out in this excellent book: https://amzn.to/2MPFAuK

  4. MoonRise786 says:

    Is it better to wear compression socks during or after the workout?

    1. Wear them during and you get less muscle damage during. Wear them after and you recover faster. I often do both!

  5. Jen says:

    I love reading the question and answers. What a great way to give great information. I love it.

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