#281: Are Weeds Healthy To Eat, MCT Oil Allergies, Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights & Much More!

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May 7, 2014 Podcast: Are weeds healthy to eat, Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights, MCT Oil Allergies, Low T4 and Low T3 with Normal TSH, Natural Remedies for Night Sweats.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick/Ninja.

Are weeds healthy to eat?

Adam asks: He lives in Newcastle, Australia and is wondering what common garden weeds are eatable and if any of them are worth picking. Could some of these weeds actually be more nutrient dense than things like the kale he gets from the green grocer?

In my response I recommend:
-Book: “Eating on the Wild Side” by Jo Robinson
-Book: “A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants”
An Omniblender

Resistance Bands vs. Free Weights

Ben asks: For exercise in general are resistance bands better? For strength training are free weights better?

In my response I recommend:
Monster bands from Rogue Fitness and Supple Leopard book for traction tips with bands
This recent study on free weights vs. machines

MCT Oil Allergies

Sandy asks: She spilled some MCT oil the other day and wiped it up with her hands. She then noticed that the back of her hands are covered in hives or bumps. If she is having a topical allergic reaction to the MCT Oil, would she also be having an internal allergic reaction? She uses other coconut products and doesn't have an issue. If it is effecting her internally, how would she know?

In my response I recommend:
-Study: allergic contact dermatitis from MCT oil

Low T4 and Low T3 with Normal TSH

Thyroid asks: He recently got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism but “in reverse”. His T4 was low at 3.6 and T3 was low at 1.6 but his TSH was 1.25 (Testosterone was fine). Have you seen this before? Do you know any way to reverse this problem.

In my response I recommend:
The Thyroid Sessions (Bridgit Danner, Chris Kresser, and Suzy Cohen's sessions)
-Serum thyroid binding globulin test, CRP test, leptin  (e.g.

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