295: Red-Light And Blue-Light Biohacking Tips, Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol, The Ultimate Guide To Stretching & More!

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Oct 1, 2014 Podcast: Ben's Ultimate Guide To Stretching, Should You Stop Taking Supplements Before A Blood Test, Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol, How To Reset Your Sleep Cycle, and an excerpt of “How To Fix Insomnia” from Chapter 10 of Ben Greenfield's Beyond Training book.

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Ben's Ultimate Guide To Stretching

Brandon asks: He wants to know all about stretching. He hears that some people advocate fast stretching, with quick pulses for a neurological effect. Some like stretching for a long period of time to really get to the deep fascia. Which is best and when should you use them?

Should You Stop Taking Supplements Before A Blood Test?

Brayden asks: He wants to get a complete view of his naturally occurring blood nutrient levels. How long should he wait after he has stopped taking a supplement (Vitamin D) to get his blood tested?

Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

Nathan asks: He has heard that the cafestol content in brewed coffee can effect cholesterol levels in a negative fashion. Is there more in arabic vs. robusta beans? Is this issue limited by using a filter? Is this even an issue or is it just another symptom of people misunderstanding of cholesterol?

How To Reset Your Sleep Cycle

Will asks: He has always been a night owl and finds it hard to wake up early. He usually goes to bed at 2am and wakes up at 10am. When he is forced to wake up early he experiences muscle fatigue, absentmindedness, GI issues, and far from optimal functioning. He has tried going to bed early using all kinds of techniques and nothing helps. He just lays there in bed awake. This is an issue with ultra races. The first part of the race is terrible but the back half (when he would normally be awake) he picks up the pace and kills it.

In my response I recommend:
Morning blue light box exposure
-Evening red light and blue blocking glasses (see GreenfieldFitnessSystems for light solutions)

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4 thoughts on “295: Red-Light And Blue-Light Biohacking Tips, Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol, The Ultimate Guide To Stretching & More!

  1. dr_jason_jones says:


    How long should you use the blue light? You mentioned 20 minutes in the morning, but is 5 minutes in the shower enough to wake the body up?

    Can you sit under it for long periods as in the light in my office for several hours?

    1. Most research uses 15-30 minutes, but even 5-10 minutes of sunlight or blue light exposure seems to make a big difference for me! I've never seen periods longer than 30 minutes actually researched, so I can't say for sure!

  2. getit2work says:


    You mentioned in this podcast about some downside of drinking coffee with high intake of saturated fat – mainly elevated LDL. I joined the bulletproof coffee camp 5 months ago and have experienced the benefits it claims to have. Although I understand the benefits of MCT Oil and saturated fat, I never quite understand how "missing with coffee" turns on the magic. Would love to hear you discuss this topic with Dave Asprey. That might be a great podcast for you to consider :)

    1. You should check out my notes from the first ever Bulletproof Biohacking conference – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/01/my-pe…

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