Can You Use Hypnosis To Enhance Performance?

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Studies have shown that when athletes are hooked up to a biofeedback machine and they visualize themselves going through their routines, a practice or performance, the same muscles are engaged as if they were actually going through the motions.

This is the whole concept behind books like “The Inner Game of Tennis” or “The Inner Game of Golf“, and for many years Olympic teams and professional athletes have been using the tool of hypnosis to gain a mental edge on their opponents.

So what is hypnosis?

Basically, hypnosis is just a relaxed state of consciousness. When you're focused and unaware of distracting thoughts, your performance is automatic, and achieving this paradox is the ultimate goal for facilitating peak physical performance at any level.

So in today's audio episode, I talk to , a Certified Hypnotherapist, Guided Imagery Facilitator, and Certified Personal Trainer about whether you can use hypnosis to enhance your performance…

During the interview, Chris explains what happens physiologically when you're hypnotized, how to find someone who can teach you the proper hypnosis techniques, how hypnosis can help you change your habits, and how you can practically implement hypnosis into your pre-game or pre-race prep.

If you'd like to contact Chris for a phone or Skype session, just visit his website at At the end of my discussion with Chris, he references his use of the Superhuman Encoder. The video we mention is below:

If you enjoyed this episode, you may also like the podcast “Does Hypnosis Really Work For Weight Loss?“. Questions, comments or feedback about whether you can use hypnosis to enhance performance? Leave your thoughts below!

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6 thoughts on “Can You Use Hypnosis To Enhance Performance?

  1. Stalina Dsouza says:

    I want to become an engineer and more. Are there any far-out methods to digesting vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently? I am interested in things like self-hypnosis of meditation. I want to learn about programming, calculus, geometry/ trigonometry, physics, algebra, multiplication tables, biology, environmental science, automotive mechanics etc… Did you see 'the Matrix' where trinity downloaded into her brain how to fly helicopter? Not that easy, obviously but anything like that would be too cool. Too much blank gray matter in here. Don't want to hear about nose to the grindstone, I am very busy and I already know about that. Thank you!

  2. Reed Andrews says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. Hypnosis to enhance performance mentioned views are really educative for acknowledging. I've never tried hypnosis before to reach any fitness goal but seems like this process is worth trying and looking forward for give it a try. Thanks.

  3. Hypnosis has proven in many cases to help people live healthier lives in general. It's helped people with weight loss, blood pressure, chronic pain, and much more. It's been. It's also seen to be beneficial with people who suffer from anxiety. Although, hypnosis may not work directly with your overall well being, it certainly has all the indications of being extremely beneficial to your overall health.

  4. Nick Othen says:

    The question to ask is, if your not having sports hypnosis are your competition?

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