8 Ways To Get Your Body Operating Like A Finely Tuned Engine

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Ever wondered how to test and fix your body's biochemistry?

You're going to learn how, and learn 8 ways to get your body operating like a finely tuned engine in today's episode with Dr. Ryan Bentley.

Dr. Bentley has been described as one of the brightest young leaders in the field of nutritional medicine. A true innovator, Dr. Bentley has emerged on the national scene in natural medicine circles with his engaging seminars and his book, “Sex, Lies & Cholesterol”, which is being praised by practitioners and lay people alike.

Dr. Bentley is the co-founder and CEO of The Wellness Prescription – created to educate practitioners on how to construct proven, objective, and quantifiable systems and protocols to help their patients reach optimal health. He has taught his principled nutritional approach to thousands of doctors around the country.

In this interview with Dr. Bentley, you're going to learn 8 ways to get your body operating like a finely tuned engine.

Our discussion includes:

-Acid Base balance – why taking electrolytes isn't the key to stopping cramps, and what strips electrolytes from your body…

-Oxidative stress – what you don't realize that most athletes truly die from…

Dr. Ryan Bentley

-Inflammation – how to truly test the amount of inflammation in your body…

-Liver and kidney stress – how your liver can make you fat…

-Carbohydrate metabolism – why you can't just monitor your blood sugar, and what else you need to test…

-How to balance your cellular respiration, electrolyte balance and hydration…

-Protein metabolism – how to find out if you're eating to much or too little protein, and if you're digesting it properly…

-Adrenal stress – the specific vitamin deficiencies that make you more prone to overtraining and adrenal fatigue…

-How to find your emotional button to ensure that you're able to actually adhere to the lifestyle changes that Dr. Bentley recommends…

During our discussion, Ryan graciously offered for you to e-mail him if you have more questions about how to test for these issues or fix them. His e-mail is: [email protected]

Questions, comments, or feedback? Leave them below!

Sex, Lies & Cholesterol

Dr. Ryan Bentley's Book

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21 thoughts on “8 Ways To Get Your Body Operating Like A Finely Tuned Engine

  1. Olivier says:

    Hey Ben,

    Just got through that extremely interesting podcast. I tried to send Ryan an email, but it was returned. Could you tell me whether Ryan's email address is still correct? I guess he might have changed it after too much 'feedback' and questions!


    1. Dr. Bentley says:

      My email is still the same, [email protected]. I leave town in the AM until the 12th of August. So if you have questions email me tonight, or i will get back to you after the 13th of August.

  2. Heather says:

    I now understand that when my apple turns brown, it is due to oxidation. Does that also mean that we are ingesting free radicals and harming our bodies? I know that sounds like a silly question, but I have to cut my apples because of my teeth and always do so the day before. They don't taste any different, but now I'm concerned that I'm poisoning myself. Thanks Ben!

    1. No, you wouldn't be poisoning yourself. The oxidants have already worked on the apple, not your body.

  3. Tracy Longacre says:

    yeah, this is the very annoying thing about MLM. I've been into several products sold that way through the years and the products were far superior than what was available elsewhere, but the business model totally sucks. I moved — not even to a different city — lost contact with supplier and oops, I no longer have access to the product.

  4. Dr. Bentley says:

    To answer your question directly, the and is yes mental stress can create the same effects. Let me explain, imagine driving down the highway and while speeding, you see a police officer with his radar gun pointed right at you. The police officer looks you in the eye – you know you are busted, your heart starts to pound, your leg muscles tighten up, etc. What just happened? Your emotional side was triggered with the fear of getting a speeding ticket, which created certain chemicals to be released (epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol), which changed the physical aspects of your body by increasing your heart rate and causing your muscles to tense up. Additionally, your gastrointestinal function decreases, thus effecting your absorption. There are many things that occur with the stress response and when stress (whether physical, chemical or emotional) is prolonged can have significant effects on your health. You see, the physical, chemical, and emotional aspects of the body are all connected. You cannot separate the emotions from the chemicals and not affect the physical body. The severity of health effects from metal stress will depend upon the persons resiliency and functional reserve of the person. The functional reserve will depend upon the amount of stress from the physical and chemical aspects. The majority of my patients who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, typically had a major emotional stressor just before the onset. Most autoimmune diseases begin with gut issues (that is a whole pod cast by itself). I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask more questions or if you would like more detail.

    1. Jorge says:

      Thanks Dr. Bentley for your reply to my comment. You confirmed my thoughts about the impact of stress on fitness and performance.
      I hope I can learn to train my mind when it comes to reacting to stressful situations so that I can minimize the release of cortisol and other negative chemical reactions. I found that some people have the ability to absorb shocks of mental stress better than others – I guess that's an issue to discuss with a psychologist.

      1. Dr. Bentley says:

        You can absolutely retrain yourself self with regards to how you handle mental stress. However you need something to gauge it with. check out www.heartmath.org and .com
        Be Blessed
        Dr. B

  5. Jorge says:

    Thanks Ben for interviewing Dr Bentley. He talked about how overtraining stress alters the absorption of proteins and other nutrients. However, I wanted hear more on wether work and life stress (more mental) increases inflamation and oxidation in the same way overtraining stress (physical) does.
    Jorge (Calgary)

  6. Marni says:

    Interesting— Went to the WWW for Dr B and see that he's selling Shakley (MLM) ; Total TURN-OFF! He might have some good things to say— but, seeing that MLM selling on his www makes me shut down the page!

    And, to be frank– He's not saying anything we have not heard before.

    1. Dr. Bentley says:

      Marni, I could not agree with you more on the MLM stuff. However, I am here to serve my patients, and at the request of many of my patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, I placed the Shaklee hyperlink for them to be able to buy their cleaning products. Thus I am not selling or involved in the MLM. Thank you for making your perception aware to me. Here is what I am going to do, so you are not "turned off", I am making the link only viewable to my private patients so their needs can continue to be served, but also to serve you. So now you can continue to follow my education, because "to be frank" I can promise you that you will learn something new. You appear to be bright, since you have heard everything before… but please remember everyone is on a spectrum of education, when I speak I focus to educate 80% of the listeners. The upper 10% (which apparently you are) become my private students (doctors only) where I give them the more in-depth info. Thus if you have specific questions that you feel are unanswered please ask.
      Dr. Bentley

  7. Josh_hiller says:

    @Trainwithmehgan www.DrRyanBentley.com

    Thank you Ben, for not just introducing Dr. Bentley to those of us who haven’t heard of him, but also for the great questions/info. First time I’ve heard about gut inflammation, and how it can effect a detox.

  8. trainwithmeghan says:

    Don't see the link or how to get Ryan Medical Mythbusters or newsletter??

    1. Dr. Bentley says:

      You may go to www.drryanbentley.com or you can go directly to www.facebook.com/drryanbentley

  9. Priscilla says:

    Thank you, I just sent an e-mail to Dr. Bentley and I hope he can help me. Thank you again for caring enough to help people get well!

    Love your site and podcasts and info and books….ect

    <3 Priscilla

  10. dave says:

    Great interview, Ben
    This one’s worth saving and listening to again!

  11. Kelcey says:

    Another interesting pod cast!

  12. Morgan says:

    I enjoyed it too and especially: Great health is all about the Food we eat, Thoughts we think, & Exercise we get. Nothing complicated and makes sense to me. Thank you Ben and Dr. Bentley.

  13. I enjoyed the interview guys. Great content. I wished that Dr Bentley would have been a little more "forward" and shared that all of those biomarkers are available in one simple assessment that you can do under the direction of a certified Wellness Prescription doctor. I know that he was just being careful not so sound like a salesman. Believe me, this assessment is a great tool to measure these key indicators of cellular health.

    Dr Duggar

    1. Thanks to you, Dr. Duggar – we got Ryan on the show! Thanks for the follow up info too.

    2. Dr. Bentley says:

      As I mentioned in the podcast anyone is able to go to www.wellnessprescription.net to find a practitioner near you for an assessment that encompasses all the biomoarkers discussed. Dr. Duggar is a gifted physician and is able to consult with people around the country.

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