Dubai’s Cutting-Edge Biohacking Scene, The Right Way To Combine Cold, Hot, PEMF, HBOT, Red Light, Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise, Smart Drugs & Much More With Mario Nawfal.

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Biohacking in Dubai
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My guest on today's show, Mario Nawfal, started with nothing.

Yet, this self-starter's relentless drive and ingenious mind transformed that ‘nothing' into an entrepreneurial empire, impacting several industries and promoting healthier lifestyles on a global scale.

When Mario launched Froothie, a company that makes the highest-quality kitchen appliances, it became a multi-million-dollar business in just two years. Froothie is more than just a business – it's a platform Mario uses to advocate for healthier lifestyles, promoting healthier food and drink choices across the globe. Today, Froothie is a globally recognized brand, standing firm on its mission: to make healthy living not just accessible, but enjoyable for everyone.

But Mario didn’t stop there. He later established the IBC Group, initially a consulting firm that quickly rose to be a leader in its space. True to his innovative spirit, Mario expanded the IBC Group beyond consulting, merging it with to encompass growth hacking, marketing, and investing. Now, the IBC Group incubates and accelerates top-tier projects, truly embodying the entrepreneurial spirit Mario possesses.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Mario is also the charismatic host of The Roundtable, one of the largest Twitter spaces with an astounding weekly audience reaching into the millions. His guests' roster is a who's who of high-profile figures – everyone from Elon Musk to Marc Andreessen. As an in-demand speaker, Mario has shared his insights and experiences on top-tier stages around the globe, including TEDx, echoing his passion for entrepreneurial growth and development.

Mario is the host of The Roundtable, the largest twitter space with millions of listeners per week and guests including Elon Musk, Hunter Biden, CZ, Michael Bay, SBF, Marc Andreessen, Mick Mulvaney, Anthony Scaramucci, Charles Hoskinson, Jesse Powell, Michael Cohen, top crypto exchanges and a plethora of other high-profile names.

In this episode, Mario and I discuss a range of topics that offer a glimpse into his world. We discuss the intriguing concept of “age pace measurement,” delve into the science of plant fermentation, soaking, and sprouting, and why deactivating plant defense mechanisms can help you avoid digestion issues. Mario also gives you a sneak peek into his sleep and biohacking routines and shares his insights on the current trends in the health and fitness space, plus so much more.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What exactly does Mario do?…09:31

  • Does not like the concept of death
  • The Roundtable
  • Hosts several shows on Twitter, every day, 7 days a week
    • A finance show in the morning
    • A politics show at night
    • A crypto show in the afternoon
  • Several shows in preparation
    • AI show
    • Biohacking show
    • Medical show
  • Started with covering live the collapse of FTX
  • Continued with other events
    • Silicon valley banks collapse
    • LGBTQ rights
    • War in Ukraine
  • Tries to be unbiased and listen to both sides
  • How he monetizes Twitter space?
    • Promotes the business in the spaces
  • Initially from Melbourne, traveled the world; currently in Dubai

-How did Mario get into health and biohacking?…15:05

-Mario's diet…22:40

  • Used to be vegan, now vegan/pescatarian
  • 18-hour fast; fasting everyday
  • Lots of eggs; not too much bread
  • Doesn’t watch macros
  • Organic and grass-fed protein intake
  • Seafood
  • Fermentation, soaking, sprouting of plants
    • Deactivating plant defense mechanisms
    • To avoid digestion issues
  • Kion essential amino acids

-Mario's sleep routine…35:03

-Biohacking technologies Mario uses…46:08

-Ben’s assessment of Mario’s practices…1:11:41

-Mario and Ben's thoughts on nootropics and smart drugs…1:12:29

-What Mario finds interesting in the health and fitness space today…1:16:41

-And much more…

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5 thoughts on “Dubai’s Cutting-Edge Biohacking Scene, The Right Way To Combine Cold, Hot, PEMF, HBOT, Red Light, Minimal Effective Dose Of Exercise, Smart Drugs & Much More With Mario Nawfal.

  1. Gigzy Girl says:

    This was really bad Ben. This guy has zero knowledge in this space and basically got a free private tutoring from you.

  2. Brian Holmes says:

    Who is Mario Nawfal? A Grifter. And a Crypto scammer literally running social engineering campaigns to help pump your token.

    They literally teach people to do what FTX did with FTT.

    This Grifter is Manipulating Elon Musk…

  3. Rene Kreyling says:

    Really great feedback Ben on PEMF use and how to optimize it. (with Redlight/supplements). I would love for you to talk more about PEMF in future podcasts.

  4. Honestly this is the very first podcast I have ever listened to where I thought “this is so terrible”.
    I love Ben and his deep knowledge. But I was very surprised about the poor content given by this so called entrepreneur that not only does not have any biohacking knowledge, but also poor communication skills and inelegant partner sinergy.

  5. S. Nakeoil says:

    “vegan pescatarian” who “sneaked in lamb and grass-fed beef randomly a week ago… have eggs a lot… don’t eat much […vegetables]… don’t eat beef… eat a lot of seafood.”

    ok :P

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