A Cool, New Way To Scan, Interpret & Fix The Human Body’s Electrical Field.

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Last week, I placed my right hand on a fancy scanner that arrived in the mail and did what is called a mapping of my body's “energy field”.

I then plugged the scanner into my computer and uploaded the results to my friend Wendy Myers, who is a functional diagnostic nutritionist (FDN), a certified holistic health coach (CHHC), and the founder of Liveto110. Wendy attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

Wendy is certified in Hair Mineral Analysis for the purpose of designing programs for clients to correct their metabolism and body chemistry with customized targeted nutrient therapy and a previous podcast guest on the episodes:

Why My Barber Thinks I’m A Freak (& Crazy Health Discoveries You Can Get From Your Hair, Your Urine & Your Stool).


Everything You Need To Know About Hair Mineral Analysis.

Anyways, this scanner, called an “NES Scanner” is designed to read electrical signals produced by the body. The skin is an indicator of what’s going on underneath it, plus it has a magnetic quality to it. So wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow or some other problem, the skin in that area becomes more magnetic or sticky, which is detected by the scanner. Then as you stimulate that particular area with specific therapies like pulsed electromagnetic fields (using another device called the miHealth), the body’s magnetic quality will begin to change, indicating to the device when the body has responded and created its healing reaction.

Another way of looking at this is that cells have an electrical potential. Sick, tired and malfunctioning cells have a low electrical potential and this is what surfaces as magnetic or sticky quality on the skin.

By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, this system can apparently then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring them over time to their normal, optimal functioning. This also stimulates the nervous system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular part of the body as part of the natural healing response.

The scan that I did reads the electrical information of the body and then uses the information to make a map of the human body's electrical field. The entire scan is completed in a few seconds. Once the scan is completed, the software returns a graphical representation of any located distortions in the body’s information, as well as recommendations for therapy that then stimulate the body’s healing response and correct the noted distortions.

During our discussion, Wendy and I go over my scan results and you'll discover:

-The science behind scanning the human body and how the NES scanner actual works…[7:30]

-Whether any research actually exists when it comes to scanning and adjusting your body's electrical field…[9:30]

-How you can “biohack” your body in the same way that an acupuncturist would, without needles and acupuncture…[19:55]

-The shocking effects of airline travel on the body's electrical energy fields (and a simple way to fix the effects)…[22:45]

-How you can “imprint” water with specific frequencies, and the new science of something called infoceuticals…[24:10]

-How a small, portable handheld pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device can be used to adjust the body's meridians…[29:25]

-An easy DIY technique you can use to banish constipation and large intestine issues…[44:50]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

NESHealth website

The MyoBuddy Ben uses for self-vibrational massage

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Wholetones: Unleashing The Phenomenon Of Using Sound & Music For Performance, Recovery, Healing & More.

Wendy's new book: Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue

Nobel Prize Winner Discovers Quantum Field Effect of DNA

Correlating Physiology with Bioenergetics: An Overview of Space Resonance Matching

Bridging Orthodox Medicine with Bioenergetic Science

Seven Major Principles of the Human Body-Field

Information Physics and Global Scaling

Coherence and the Physics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Human Body-Field & Information Transfer in Biology

Drivers and Integrators: The Primary Systems of the Human Body-Field

-NES Health: The 21st Century of HealthCare (14 min)

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Wendy or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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42 thoughts on “A Cool, New Way To Scan, Interpret & Fix The Human Body’s Electrical Field.

  1. Alina says:

    So how did it work out for you? Can you elaborate on it, please?

  2. Lisa Killeen says:

    Hi Ben,

    did you ever get around to doing a follow up on this. NES has just come onto my radar. I have chronic fatigue and have spent serious money now on trying to get well and not be mostly bed bound. I would really appreciate your opinion on what you thought of NES.

    Thank you

  3. Chris Cota says:

    Hi. Is there still a valid discount code, please?

    1. I don't have one available currently.

  4. Have had HPA-axis disregulation for two years. Couldn’t workout without anxiety. I’ve had heart flutters as recently as the last month.

    That said, I started NEShealth and have been working out again without issue.

    I have done a lot in the last two years trying to heal, and I fully admit that me feeling better could just be that I’ve done enough other stuff and that NEShealth is a powerful enough placebo for my body to go back to normal.

    With that said, I’ve used tons of other things I thought would help but didn’t (molecular hydrogen.) but for whatever reason, the infoceuticals have worked.

    If it is a placebo, I have to admit, I really don’t care too much. I don’t think you can prove it’s a placebo yet, and by the time someone does I think my health will be normal and I probably won’t be using it anymore anyway.

    Take that as you will. It’s a bit expensive, but if you have issues and have tried a lot of other things, then try NEShealth at some point. Stick with it for 60 days and see where you’re at.

    I think programs like true cellular detox or using restore by biomic sciences are the best ways to heal, but somewhere along the line you’ve gotta address your body’s energetic state.

    Whether that’s yoga, trauma training, or a product that claims to relay information via water (even if it doesn’t, but is enough to trick your body into doing the healing itself) yes, I do think it’s worth trying NEShealth.

    Also I have seen far too many positive reviews by people who claimed to be skeptical to think it’s definitely fake. Seriously, there really are a lot of positive reviews.

    All the negative reviews I’ve seen are by people who didn’t actually try it, they are just convinced the science is bogus.

    Anecdotal evidence is weak evidence, but it’s still something to consider.

  5. Adam Fiddler says:


    Thanks for the show, was looking for a good overview of this before I purchased.

    Couldn’t I just use the miHealth for 30-40 minutes every day in such a way that covers every one of the energy sites and therefore achieve generalized optimization while bypassing the need for a practitioner?

    Or use a Bio-Well for diagnostics, and go from there?

    Love the product idea, but the business model of gate-keeping access to your data in a device designed to replace your doctor is pretty stupid.

    1. That's kind of a shotgun approach. I think they have the gatekeeper and system they do so that you actually work with a practitioner who ensures you aren't harming yourself by overworking or underworking specific meridians.

  6. Alison N Nikolov says:

    Can you explain the difference between this/zyto and energetic muscle testing? Are they essentially the same, one is just using artificial intelligence for the results…

    1. No, the Z-Health is more of a nervous system patterning and retraining, whereas energetic muscle testing is more focused on meridians, chakras, etc.

    2. As a Zyto ELITE expert and practitioner with 10,000 hours of working with it and having build the world’s most advanced database (“library”) and scans (“biosurveys”) for use on it based on 40 years of health and nutrition study and 30 years of clinical experience with nutrition and nutritional supplements, I would say that Zyto is “quantum physics-based decision-support technology”. It is designed to measure the body’s response to electrical signals (“questions”) looking for biologically averse stressors and biologically preferred balancers via galvanic skin response.

  7. Jenny says:

    So, do you think peptides can help recover from something like severe adrenal fatigue that affects multiple body systems? If so, then would you recommend taking different peptides that are directed toward different organs, or one single peptide?

  8. Scott Pham says:

    Kyle mentions something about dropping his resting heart rate by 10 beats as verified by the Oura ring. It almost sounded like he was saying he did this after trying something in the Oxygen Advantage. Is it possible he could expand on how he dropped his resting heart rate that much, I’m interested because it sounded like he didn’t drastically increase his fitness routine from the context.

    thanks, great podcaast

    1. Here's a response from Wendy:

      The NES scanner reads the information of the body by sending the information from NES's map of the body's energetic field and then reading the response that comes back to each individual part of the map (or scan screenshots).

      Once the scan is completed, the software returns a graphical representation of any located distortions in the body’s information, including EMF sensitivity.

      Here is an in-depth article that explains exactly how the scanning device works in the body and is able to pick up which type of EMF's one is sensitive to and all the other types of information revealed on the NES scan. The NES heath scan reveals if one is sensitive to Far Infrared, Computers, Cell Phones, Radio Waves, Microwaves, Nuclear radiation, EMF generally and a few others. http://neshealth.com/science/bioenergetic-health-…

  9. Tim says:

    Hey Ben,

    Been a couple months. Would love to hear any thoughts or updates after using it for some time.


    1. So far, so good. Useful for sleep and injuries. Still working on using it to optimize digestion and brain, but thus far a big thumbs up.

  10. Heidi says:

    How/where can I obtain information about using Bioenergetics for the treatment of Macular Degeneration?

    Thank you.

  11. James Bond says:

    What a waste of time, a couple of advice

    1. You don’t have to record a podcast on regular basics but only if there interesting topics/guests

    2. Even if you expect an interesting podcast but it turns out to be garbage – don’t publish it ! you’re wasting your listeners time and the only adequate reaction is to unsubscribe

  12. Mark says:

    Many of the links say NOT FOUND

    1. Hold tight, we're sorting this out.

    2. Wendy Myers says:

      Sorry! here is the link to do your own NES scan http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-health/#_l_1s

  13. Scott says:

    Ben, you mentioned in this podcast you would keep us posted on the result. Wendy said 1 – 2 months is typical to see good results. When do you expect to give an update on this?

    I’m interested, but honestly a bit skeptical not just because this seems woo, but also because it seemed like you were struggling to get detailed information from Wendy on how this works and the research behind it. I couldn’t tell from the podcast if this was because Wendy was just trying to go through your results quickly and not ready to go into detail, if she is so deep in the technology that she has a hard time explaining this to the layman, or it’s just complete BS.

    1. I will give update in about 1-2 months but so far the actual device itself has indeed improved sleep patterns…

  14. richard hay says:

    It would be nice to be clear how the system works and the cost. It is sad that the device collects data on your computer, but REQUIRES a consultant to see and interpet the data eventhough it is simple accupuncture/acupressure info.

    1. Wendy Myers says:

      Well, what seems simple is not always so. It takes a trained professional to walk a person through the scan to tell them what it means exactly. There is a lot of info about WHY you want to do this program and the history behind it that is not in the scan. People have a lot of questions about how it works exactly that won’t be in the scan.

      Clients also need support when they have detox reactions, and be advised on what infoceuticals to take to resolve the issues in the scan. The software does give recommendations but there are certain patterns a trained NES practitioner has to look at before making final recommendations. Many practitioners find they have to change the software recommendations for various reasons.

      How we work with clients is we do an initial consult with them to answer all their questions, but rescans don’t require a consult unless you want it. You can opt to only get the infoceutical recommendations, which is all you really need once you get going on a NES program.

    2. Wendy Myers says:

      HI Richard,

      you can go here to find out pricing and get more info. http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-heal…

      1. Wendy Myers says:

        so sorry! here is a correct link that works to find out more and start your own NES program. http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-heal…

  15. Angelo says:

    Hi Ben,

    What’s the website to find an NES Practitioner?

    Is Wendy the founder of this system or one of the NES practitioners?

    Do all NES practitioners work in the same way that Wendy does?

    Many thanks,


    1. Wendy Myers says:

      HI Angelo!

      I am not the founder of NES. Dr. Peter Fraser did 30 years of research to discover the mechanism of healing that NES elicits. The current CEO is Harry Massey.

      I am a NES practitioner and advocate of the system because of the dramatic results I’ve seen personal and professionally with NES.

      Yes, all practitioners work in the same way that I and our NES practitioners do. There are 4500 NES practitioners all around the world. Not hard to find someone! But we do see people from all over the world because you can be sent a scanner and do the scan and program at home. Easy!

      You can go here to find out pricing and get more info. http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-heal…

  16. Steve says:

    Even though there were some true applications to your scan, I’m not convinced about this one Ben. Since you were traveling prior to your scan, I’d be interested in finding out what the scan would show if you did nothing but acclimate to your home environment for a month or so. (Kinda like getting blood work after a bachelor weekend in Vegas)

    1. Wendy Myers says:

      HI Steve,

      Traveling can certainly affect the scan. Very good insight! BUT, you want to correct any issues incurred by traveling, like EMF and radiation exposure from planes per se.

      On a NES Program you do a scan once per month and aim to correct the current issues revealed by the scan. So, it’s not about finding the ‘perfect’ timing to do the scan. It about correcting the issues currently coming up in the scan. That’s the whole point!

      I know NES sounds a bit out there, but anyone that has tried it for 60 days tends to continue due to their results, whether they initially believe in it or not.

      Learn more here. http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-heal…

      1. Wendy Myers says:

        Sorry. here is the corrected link. the above link is bad. http://store.liveto110.com/bioenergetics-nes-heal…

  17. Mike says:

    Are there any links to unaffiliated scientific research? I only see one that seems to be written by NES themselves…Dropping the words quantum physics won’t work on the Ben Greenfield audience :).

    1. Wendy Myers says:

      There is research that has been done and is currently being done outside of NES. Dr. Arroyo is doing a study with NES and its effects on Macular Degeneration. He’s having some pretty spectacular results that he discussed at the October NES conference in 2016.

      San Diego state university is doing an observational study in NES currently.

      Dr. Rainer does ongoing research for NES. He’s coming on my podcast soon to discuss it.

      There is other research I just need to find it! NES has not done the best job of putting all the research that has been done and is currently being done available on their site.

  18. mike says:

    is this stuff repeatable? if you rescan yourself you get same results?


    1. Graham says:

      You probably need more salt Matthew. Salt (either pink himalayan or celtic sea salt only) will hold the water in. Your body needs it and uses it and the minerals in the salt are needed too. Read your bodies many cries for water by Dr Batman.

    2. Wendy Myers says:

      Yes, the scan is repeatable. I find with myself, my family, friends and clients that their known health issues continue to come up in the scan. And new physical or emotional health issues show up in the scan quite reliably, but not 100%. No test is 100%. For instance, my parathyroid keeps coming up. EMF keeps coming up ( i live in LA and get massive doses of EMF where I live – working on that issue!) A friend with endometriosis has her uterus continually coming up as an issue. A friend with gut issues consistently comes up with issues in many parts of her digestive tract. A client with diabetes pancreas keeps showing up in her scan. A client with dental issues has their teeth flagged in the scan. I can keep going, but you get the idea.

      NES does resolve issues relatively quickly so new issues do come up with each scan and old issues get resolved (so they may not show up again). But I find that the same issues do keep coming up consistently.

  19. Matthew says:


    Interesting podcast Ben! In the interview you mention some GI problems that you have had in the past. Also I have previously asked you about how a diet with copious amounts of plants gives me some minor gas. I have another question. I often have to get up once or twice at night to pee. I’ve heard you mention before on a podcast that you have to pee a lot too. Is this normal with the amount of plants we eat? If not, what can I do?



    1. Yes, plants hold water, so honestly, just get up and pee! No big deal or rule that you can't do that! It's natural…

  20. Ian says:

    Correcting a small mistake: In the beginning, when you’re advertising Kimera, it’s liver cirrhosis that coffee helps fix, not psoriasis which is a skin condition.

  21. Todd M. Upchurch says:

    Hi Ben,

    Maybe the KK (Kimera Koffee) didn’t kick in yet but, it is “cirrhosis” not “psoriasis” which I am sure you know is a auto immune skin condition vs a late stage scarring/fibrosis of the liver (@ 2:13).


    Todd M. Upchurch

  22. Anthony F Zuanich says:

    Dr jack kruse explains this in sometimes difficult words to understand. But its worth the time and Investment in your heath. Hes on a whole nether level. Most aren’t prepared for.

    1. Richard says:

      Anthony, Can you provide a link for the Jack Kruse article/blog post?


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