Shattering The Myths Of Detox Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Health Scams & More.

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In today's podcast, you get to meet my friend Alex Tarris. 
Alex's job is to test and review health technology – stuff like saunas, biohacking gear, cold lasers, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and oxygen concentrators, steam generators, whole body vibration, rebounders, infrared mats –  you get the idea. He has a masters degrees in nutrition, and over a decade of experience working as a consultant for the sports, health and spa industries.

Sounds like an interesting job, especially in an industry fraught with cheap Chinese knock-offs, product scams, overpriced equipment and a severe lack of proven, credible research findings.

In this jam-packed podcast episode, I interview Alex about detoxing, saunas, popular wellness-enhancing gear, health scams and much more. Alex's website is, where you can use code bengreen15 for a 15% discount on anything there (a few exclusions apply). Alex also has specifically mentioned you can also leave any comments or questions you have about our conversation below, and he'll personally answer.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

  • The biggest benefits and the biggest risks of infrared saunas, and what you must be cautious with when you're sitting in one…
  • Why the woods from most companies that produce saunas are extremely unhealthy…
  • What an oxygen concentrator is and how you can use it for something called “Exercise With Oxygen Therapy” (EWOT)…
  • Why certain versions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are actually illegal to buy in the USA…
  • How the average steam room at a gym can fill your lungs with chlorine and fluoride, and how to easily make your own steam room in your own shower… 
  • What Alex thinks about mini-trampolines, rebounders, and whole body vibration, and whether it is silly “fake” exercise…
  • Why cheap, knock-off products such as elliptical trainers or whole body vibration can mess you up biomechanically…
  • The difference between patented truly innovative functional features backed by engineering and research vs. features that are simply trademarked terms that a company is using for the marketing appeal of their content to entice you into an increased perceived value of their brand…
  • What Alex would put in the “ultimate man cave” if he were going to build some kind of chamber that contained all the best personal health, detox, exercise equipment he could have in it.
  • Why your elliptical machine could be destroying your hips and knees…
  • And much more!

Again, for a 5-15% sitewide discount (depending on product you choose) on anything Alex and I discuss in this episode, just visit, and use promo code bengreen15. Just put that promo code in the section that says Promocode in the Contact/Support page response form. That'll give you 5-15% off anything on his site (depending on product you choose) and you can use that code anytime, as much as you want (the specific sauna I use that Alex and I discuss in this episode is the “Clearlight Series Y Infrared Sauna – which you cannot get from Alex's website, but you can learn more about and get a big discount code for in this article).

Resources we discuss during this episode:

Biomat infrared mat

The research I discuss about EWOT (concentrated oxygen training)

Cells powered by sunlight and chlorophyll

Article about ICES for PEMF (yeah, those are plenty of acronyms!)

Leave your questions, comments and feedback below and either Alex or I will respond!

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19 thoughts on “Shattering The Myths Of Detox Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Health Scams & More.

  1. Eric Lubell says:

    Ben, you should come to Portland, Oregon and check out the 650 square foot Altitude Training Room at Evolution Healthcare & Fitness. You are spot on in wanting one in your dream setup! I manage the gym there, I’d be stoked to host you. I’m sure we could come up with a seminar idea for you to do too, while you are here. Great podcast!

  2. jennifer says:

    Hi Ben
    I am trying to get to the show notes but cant find them anywhere
    can you please put a link to them on here?

    1. This post is the show notes ;)

  3. Linley says:

    Totally agree with the steam warnings. Steam Saunas do nothing for you except clear your sinuses. For that you can put a little eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball and place inside an infrared sauna.

    I have been over to Asia where 95% of infrared saunas are made. One factory makes 10 different brands. The main signs of quality in an infrared sauna are carbon heaters (rather than ceramic), floor heaters, thick glass doors, and proper insulation of wires (ensuring lower EMF emission). FAR Infrared goes 1 1/2-2 inches into your skin. Near Infrared’s difference in penetration makes little difference in joint and pain relief–I have found it to be a gimmick making one company stand out over another. The most important thing to remember about purchasing an infrared sauna is TO USE IT!

    1. Robert says:

      Please see my comments below on another post. Again, your assessment of the near infrared craze is exactly right and is indeed a gimmick. In order for true near infrared therapy to be effective (typically, for severely damaged muscle tissue), it should be administered by a qualified professional, in many instances, using a specialized wand at the precise distance from the surface of the skin for a very short duration – usually a few seconds only.

      Don’t give up on a wet/dry traditional sauna however. The greatest amount of research ever done on the subject of sauna and heat-bathing has been using traditional Finnish style saunas. Hippocrates said, “Give me the ability to create fever and I shall cure any disease” He was right. We are creating a false fever each time we enter into a high-heat traditional sauna environment.

  4. Steve says:

    Lately there’s been talk that near infrared is safer and better than far. Your thoughts?

    1. Near infrared heat penetrates the deepest. This being said, there are numerous research studies that have been published over the years proving the many benefits of far infrared heat. The answer is that both will give therapeutic results that will make you healthier. The best of both worlds is to have a sauna with Full Spectrum heaters such as the Sanctuary series which has (2) 500 watt Full Spectrum emitters in each sauna. Although near infrared is the one that penetrates the deepest, far infrared heat is the more tested of the two if you're interested in science to validate the boatloads of anecdotal evidence for increased heart health, detoxing heavy metals and chemicals, immune boosting, and muscle and joint pain relief.

  5. Jill LaFrance says:

    Ben great podcast! You refer to a study on Infrared Saunas and longevity… was it a Swiss study? Can you include a link to that study please.

    thank you!

    1. Here are 2 links to the Finnish study – the 1st link is the study itself and the 2nd is a summary of it. – "Association Between Sauna Bathing and Fatal Cardiovascular and All-Cause Mortality Events” JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015…

      1. Robert says:

        I work for the oldest and largest sauna company in the world with our roots dating back to 1919 in Finland. What needs to be noted here is that the above referenced study was conducted with traditional Finnish-style (high temperatures, rocks, and steam) sauna – and NOT any form of infrared heat therapy. We manufacture both types and are unbiased in our recommendations. The reasoning for the results was due to the high-heat stress that it placed on the user’s heart during regular use over 20+ years. The cardiovascular workout is far greater in a traditional sauna than in an Infrared room. Another study conducted by the same researcher concluded that similar benefits in regard to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia were also achieved by prolonged traditional Finnish sauna use. We have found good benefits arising from far-infrared sauna use, especially in the areas of pain relief and post-workout recovery benefits primarily.

        To Linley above, your infrared comments are nearly spot-on accurate, but your assessment of steam saunas (unless you are referring to a steam room, and not a traditional Finnish sauna) is inaccurate.

  6. Allen says:

    On his website Tarris says clear light saunas are poor quality and Sunlighten are much better.

  7. Jennifer says:


    I am a bit overwhelmed with trying to find a clean sauna I have been reading about them for a year now. I was not able to open all of your videos to see if you had a top pick. I was looking toward one recommend by Dr Ben Lynch.. leader in mthfr. he picked High tech health.. I also liked one from suzanne somers leader for toxic free .. sauna ray.. although his has basswood and its been linked to DNA disturbances. both claim low emf no off gas.. ceramic.. I want a toxic free unit. Thanks so much to you


    1. The specific sauna I use and recommend and that Alex and I discuss in this episode is the “Clearlight Series Y Infrared Sauna" which you can get at If you use promocode bengreen15 in the section that says Promocode in the Contact/Support page response form, you'll get 15% off anything on his site and you can use that code anytime

  8. gottwins2000 says:

    Hi Ben!!

    I really appreciated this podcast!! I imagine and hope for a "dream home" like yours someday (loved the details you gave on Wellness Mama!!), and episodes like this one give us some tips on what to look for when we start enhancing our own homes.

    From the show info, I thought we would be able to visit Alex's website to get some "lists" of products he recommends.
    I found his site to be quite difficult to navigate (lots of things embedded in videos).
    Can you make any suggestions on how to find a good list of what to buy?
    For example, I would like to buy a good, reasonably priced infra red sauna and maybe an ionic footbath, for starters.

    Thanks for all the time you share helping us all!!!
    :) :)

    1. If you go to the products page on, there's ionic footbaths and infrared saunas. The specific sauna I use that Alex and I discuss in this episode is the Clearlight Series Y Infrared Sauna. Remember if you use promo code bengreen15 in the section that says Promocode in the Contact/Support page response form., that’ll give you 15% off anything on his site and you can use that code anytime, as much as you want.

  9. Paul says:


    Sometime back you spoke about an app or website that compelled a bunch of research and websites in one place? I tried to search your site for this information with no luck.

    I was wondering if you could share that information? It takes me so long to go to 20 different sites and read research and the like.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. There are a bunch of them, but one I like is "Stone Hearth Newsletters". Recommend you check that one out!

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