In Which Ben Greenfield Is Hypnotized Live On A Podcast (And 3 Embarrassing Personal Admissions From Ben).

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Warning: I get hypnotized in this podcast and it may make you sleepy when you listen, so please don't do things like drive in your car, operate heavy machinery, ride a bicycle, etc. during this episode. If you do, you may end up in your local newspaper in a way you don't particularly like.

A couple weeks ago, I sat across from my friend Mark Dhamma at SoHo House in West Hollywood, leaned in over my roasted chicken and Moscow Mule drink and asked him my burning question.

“So could you hypnotize me?”

He confidently nodded.

“On a podcast?”

He nodded again.

And so, what you are about to hear came to life. Mark Dhamma is a High Performance Health & Mindset Coach on primarily Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and private sessions like those you're going to hear in this podcast, Mark shares advice on how to look, feel and perform at your best with 32,000 people in over 20 countries.

Mark has 17 years of experience in the health industry, including being a Men’s Fitness model and health coach. With his Masters Degree in Positive Psychology under the famous, “Flow” Professor, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, he teaches science backed proven techniques to be happier, more confident, motivated and productive. Mark gained executive coaching skills from the Royally Knighted Sir John Whitmore “The Founder Of Modern Day Coaching”, as well as using NLP and Hypnosis to literally re-program his clients to be successful.'

During our discussion, in which I am hypnotized while lying shirtless on the floor of my office, you'll discover:

What exactly happens to your body and brain when you get hypnotized…[12:50]

-Why your brain is like a “rider” and your body is like an “elephant”…[13:35]

-Three slightly embarrassing personal “issues” I have that I want to fix in my life, and how hypnosis can be used to address those issues…[18:40]

-What changes when a hypnotist is in the same physical place as you vs. working with you digitally or via Skype…[62:35]

-How you can learn hypnosis for yourself…[65:45]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode

Hypnosis Practitioner: Pam Castillo

-Book: Patterns of Hypnotic Techniques 

-Podcast on NLP: “How To Get To Sleep At Night Before A Big Race.

Click here to get your own hypnosis session and get $200 off when you use the code BEN10.

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14 thoughts on “In Which Ben Greenfield Is Hypnotized Live On A Podcast (And 3 Embarrassing Personal Admissions From Ben).

  1. I just listened to your fascinating podcast about hypnosis. It left me intrigued about the power of the mind. It reminds me of the incredible “Hyprov: Improv Under Hypnosis” show covered by Time Out New York – a perfect example of how hypnotism can be both entertaining and mind-bending!

  2. Lisandra Tamez says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I just listened to the podcast where you gets hypnotized live, and it was truly a fascinating experience!

    Kudos to the podcast for exploring such unique and thought-provoking content!

  3. JD says:

    Hey Ben, are there any nootropics that assist with hypnosis? I use a guided hypnotic meditation and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to enhance the effectiveness short of hiring a professional. Thanks – JD

  4. Jean-Pierre Sirois says:

    Howdy Ben,

    My question would be this : I’m ready to give this a try, I certainly can improve my mind to do more and do better. But how do I go about and find a hypnotherapist that is right for me and won’t try to make me give away my wallet while I’m under ? With fancy websites, hand picked testimonies and not knowing much about this subject, how do I pick one among all of the great, and not so great, therapist out there ?

    Cheers !

    1. Julia says:

      This wasn’t intended for me to answer but something I’ve thought about long and hard so I thought I’d share what I do to find the “right” professionals.

      Firstly, I take testimonials that are on someone’s website with a grain of salt. Because really anyone can write up a fake testimonial, grab a picture and put in on their site along with their sales letter, there is an obvious intention and that is to selling you something.
      But other testimonials I use to a great degree. Especially those that are posted on Google reviews, and other high profile review places – read the review and get a sense for the realness of it, most of the time you can tell just by understanding where their coming from (figuring out their intention). If there are more than a couple of these that don’t set off those red flags… It’s usually a winner, well it has been for me many times.

      And.. thanks Ben for the article/youtube video. Very interesting.

  5. Ben,

    Thank you for your openness to share.

    As a healthcare provider I felt just like you do….I must be a role model for my patients. I must be perfect and NOT have an health issues of my own. Over the years, I have come to a new understanding of this. Yes I must be a role model but I don’t have to be perfect because perfection in health is impossible to achieve! With each decision we make, we either are moving towards health or away from it and the bottom line is that you should always be moving more towards health than you are away from it.

    However, even with this in mind, things go wrong with ones health and it’s really what you do with it that makes the difference. So I’ve become much more open to share with my patients my own health challenges. Through my openness, patients see how quickly I respond to health challenges and that I’m not afraid to drink from the fire hose when something does happen in order to turn things around quickly way before it gets out of control. That is model I want to be for my patients, move more towards health every day and with most decisions and quickly address issues before they turn into long standing problems.

    BTW with all I learn from your show, I think I should get CEU’s! Again thanks for everything you do and especially for exposing yourself at such a deep level in this podcast.

  6. Mark Watts says:

    Hey Ben

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being you in this podcast. I have been listening to your show religiously for the past couple of years. By sharing your mastery you have helped me live a most extraordinary life with reclaiming my vitality.

    By embracing your vulnerability in this episode, I hope you have felt that it is OK to be human, that not everything needs to be perfect, that we evolve and get better at life the more we live it. If everything was perfect in life, where would the fulfilment from challenge come from? By sharing your vulnerability, for me it allows us to connect with you on a more achievable level.

    If I could impart any wisdom to you, would be to read the book “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A Singer… I’ve loved listening to you stepping more into your spiritual self of late and embracing the “woo woo”. I think you will love this book – it changed my life profoundly. From listening to you speak, I feel it will allow you to go a little more “with the flow” :)…

    I assume you’ve also heard Brene Browns TED talk on the power of vulnerability? If not check it out.

    Ben, keep stepping into you and what fulfils you. We all transform as we dance through life.

    Sending love from a friend you don’t know :)


    1. Thanks Mark, I'll check them out.

  7. Kevin says:

    Hey Ben how do you feel about Vaccinations?

  8. Kevin says:

    If you accept the consensus on climate change or evolution, but reject it for GMOs because each fit your pre-conceived view of the world, you are a science denier. Yes, I’m tough about this, because it shows the level of hypocrisy in these individuals.

    You don’t get to accept the power of the consensus behind anthropogenic climate change but reject it for GMOs, just because you feel like it. The evidence for both is so huge, so overwhelming, your gut feeling or opinion is completely irrelevant.

    I keep finding it ironic that GMO deniers and climate change deniers use the same exact “arguments” to reject science. They accept the pseudoscience that supports their a priori conclusions, while rejecting the science that doesn’t fit. That’s why many many writers agree that GMO deniers are the climate change deniers of the left.

  9. Adam Volosik says:

    Ben – Are you my long lost twin? When you listed all the things you wanted to work on in this session it was like you were reading my mind. Being resistant to change – perfection issues – making friends with other – sounds exactly like me. Very helpful and insightful, Ben. I feel your pain and this was a great eye opener for me as well.

    1. Alex says:

      Adam, i dont know who you are but i feel i relate strongly to you and ben. Its so difficult sometimes having nobody to share insights and experiences with. No way of really reaching out and engaging with people who get it…its terrible but im working through it. No pity party, i just really related to ben’s insights and the need for real human interaction. Keep doing what you’re doing man

  10. lucas says:

    NB link to video appears not working

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