What’s REALLY Happening In Ben Greenfield’s Gut? How To Unmask Your “Microbiome Mysteries” With 1 Cutting-Edge Gut Test

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What I Discuss with Chidozie Ojobor

-Who is Dr. Chidozie Ojobor? – 05:38

-How does Dr. Chidozie take care of his gut? – 08:03

-What are the advantages of the hunter-gatherer style of diet? – 11:13

-Are probiotics better than fermented foods? – 13:04

-Do you need supplements for a healthy gut? – 14:56

-What Vitract test can tell you about gut health? – 16:01

-How does Vitract differ from other gut tests? – 19:00

-What does the Vitract test say about Ben’s gut health? – 21:27

-Gut health and diversity score – 22:27

-Health and disease-associated bacteria – 24:51

-Pathobionts – 41:22

-Metabolites, neurotransmitters, and vitamin producers – 46:59

-What are Dr. Chidozie's recommendations for Ben’s gut health? – 51:28

-Clinical studies related to 16s sequencing – 56:13

-What are the logistics and interpretation of the Vitract test? – 58:46

-And much more…

My guest on today's show, Dr. Chidozie Ojobor, has devoted his entire career to unraveling the complexities of biological systems, particularly the gut microbiome.

In this episode, you'll dive deep into the Vitract gut microbiome test with Dr. Chidozie and I. He'll dissect my personal Vitract results, giving you a firsthand look at what this test can reveal. You'll also explore how 16s sequencing technology identifies the diverse bacteria living in your gut, what the test can tell you about your gut diversity, the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, the production of microbial metabolites, and signs of gut dysbiosis. Plus, you'll discover how these results can be used to create personalized recommendations for your diet, probiotics, and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Ojobor is a scientist with over 15 years of research experience in bacterial genetics. He has a bachelor's degree in microbiology and obtained his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of Toronto. Dr. Ojobor has spent a decade developing novel antimicrobial entities that target disease-causing bacteria in complex biological ecosystems such as the gut. In 2019, he won the Global Citizen Award for combating drug-resistant bacteria implicated in exacerbating cystic fibrosis. Dr. Ojobor’s previous research experience includes phage therapy, CRISPR technology, and gastroenteritis of viral origin in children.

Today, he and his team at Vitract are transforming that research expertise into developing comprehensive and accessible gut microbiome testing for clinicians who are keen on improving the gut health of their clients. Vitract (use code BEN10 to save 10%) combines molecular microbiology, complex math, and AI to transform the gut health of Canadians and Americans.

Their flagship 16s gut microbiome sequencing test, which I did and which Dr. Ojobor and I discuss on this show, has garnered widespread adoption and is now actively employed in numerous clinics.

Vitract's test stands out on two crucial fronts: accessibility and actionability. With an affordable price point, customers can now seamlessly incorporate gut testing into their health regimen, facilitating retesting to gauge progress over time. The test results and detailed reports that you receive with Vitract not only illuminate the composition of the gut microbiome but, more importantly, provide actionable insights on how to modify bacteria for optimal health. Dr. Ojobor and his team's commitment to making advanced gut health insights accessible and actionable marks a significant leap forward in personalized healthcare.

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  1. Ben, Here in Brazil there is a doctor called Dr Jean Marc Duriaux, he treats SIBO and IMO with micro doses of essential oils and bifidogenic substrates. I think he would have a lot of knowledge to share there.

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