Episode #163: Fitness & Nutrition Q&A Grab Bag – Part 1

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In this September 21, 2011 free audio episodeCrossfit for females, Bodypump, training with your spouse, how to figure out how hard to go during interval training, blisters, what kind of workout requires you to eat afterwards, using magnesium while exercising, does hard training make you allergic to foods and sudden headaches during exercise.

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Sarah has a call in question about fat loss for females and Crossfit training.

In my response to Sarah, I mention my Low Carbohydrate Guide for Triathletes.

Emily asks: What are your thoughts on BodyPump? I have had great results with Bodypump, I did it 3 times a week religiously last summer and got into good shape but I know it isn’t the be all and end all and I probably need to also be doing strength training at lower reps/higher weights.  I still want to keep doing BodyPump: if I do, what should I do to best complement it?

Megan asks: My question actually has nothing to do with nutrition, but I think you might be able to help me out due to your relationship with Jessa.  Basically, my husband is an all-star runner (won Florida State HS competition in the 5K, and is now a 2:31 marathoner), and he got me into running during our first year of college.  Now, I'm addicted, and by most standards I've done a great job!  I've completed 2 marathons, 16 half marathons, numerous smaller races, 6 Olympic duathlons, and 1 Half Ironman duathlon.  BUT … I'm very slow compared to him.  I work very hard at it, training 5-6 days a week for the past 6 years. My husband never makes me feel uncomfortable about my times and is very supportive, but I find myself jealous of how good he is!  For example, this week we each ran a 20-miler, and I had diligently built up my LR mileage 1-2 miles per week to get there, and he just banged it out after a previous LR distance of 12 miles!  Does Jessa ever struggle with not feeling good enough compared to you?  If so, how does she deal with it?  I want to be proud of my own accomplishments – and I am! – but sometimes I can't help comparing myself to him.

Matt asks: I am pretty excited about incorporating HIIT training into my week. In the past, I have never trained at a fast pace, and just increased distance thinking this was making me fitter. It looks like these methods will make me fitter ‘and' faster in less time? My question is, how do I judge 170% or 95% VO2 max (for either Tabata or Little methods)?

In my response to Matt, I mention the “Cooper Test” for VO2 max.

Natalie asks: I am training for a marathon and have been having issues with blisters. I have gotten blisters before but usually only every once and a while-a hard race, running in the rain, new shoes. This year, anytime I run over 3 miles I get blisters on the inside of my big toe and the ball of my foot. I have tried moleskin, foam toe covers, new shoes and new socks. Nothing works. Any ideas to get rid of these painful and ugly blisters?

Chris asks: In podcast 142, you recommend consuming a large amount of calories after a hard workout–many more calories than I expected (500+ an hour)–to recover properly. What would you define though as a “hard” workout that would demand such high amounts of calories?

John asks: Can you advise whether you recommend  using magnesium phosphate during an ironman? I was considering taking it to try to avoid leg muscle cramps during the marathon. If this is ok, when should I start taking it and at what dosage? Are there any potential side effects?

In my response to John, I mention the magnesium books at http://www.pacificfit.net/books-dvds.php and also Podcast #82 with Carolyn Dean and Angstrom Minerals.

Patrick asks: As the training durations increased while preparing for Ironman St. George I developed an allergy to tomatoes. I first noticed it when I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner after a 110 mile ride/4 mile run brick day. I had some house dressing and immediately got a sore, scratchy throat that went away after a few hours. I also noticed it for a day or two after the race. I'm curious as to how hard training loads might have messed up the ph balance in my body where something acidic like tomatoes could have this affect.

Maria asks: What vegan supplements do you recommend for general brain health support and memory function? I have been researching this subject recently and have begun taking Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Creatine and Chia Seeds daily. I would be interested to hear your take on this combination and what I can improve.

In my response to Maria, I mention this Vitamin D/Fish Oil combo.

Carmen asks: I was working out with a friend recently and she was doing some light squats (non weight bearing) and then some easy pull ups on the Gravity Training System (very low height) and all of a sudden she got an excruciating headache that started at the top of her head (her head literally felt hot) and moved down her neck. The headache subsided to a dull ache within 30 minutes. She is a healthy individual that runs about 4 times a week and does moderate resistant training.  She takes an anti depressant but otherwise has no history of illness. Her head hurt for 7 days (less debilitating) after the incident. What could cause this?


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5 thoughts on “Episode #163: Fitness & Nutrition Q&A Grab Bag – Part 1

  1. Megan says:

    Ben –
    I'm sorry for the delayed response and I hope you get comments even so far after the fact! I was out of the country on a long run when I listened to this podcast, and I actually shrieked out loud when I heard you reading my name! I also had a huge smile the whole rest of the way. I really appreciate your candid answer and the fact that you took time to answer a "non-standard" question. It helped me re-frame my opinions and expectations of myself, and put me back on the right track! I also made my husband listen to it, and he really appreciated your response! Congrats on your great performance at Kona, and PLEASE keep up the good work – I love your podcast (mostly BenGreenfield but I also listen to the Get Fit Guy), your blog, and your twitter updates!

  2. Kathy says:

    Ben, I thought your answer to Megan was great and really addressed the heart of the issue. In addition to your suggestions, she could try to focus on the pure enjoyment of running and the health benefits of her dedication.

    On a completely different note, one thing she could try is biking with her husband. My threshold power is probably about 30% less than my husband's, which is perfect for me to draft behind him when we ride together. This doesn't really work on hilly terrain, but on windy days, I feel like a champ!

  3. Mer says:

    I REALLY REALLY appreciated the honesty in the answer to the personal response.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you answering my question! I had to go back and re-record those questions cause I kept running out of time plus my son was misbehaving in the background, lol. But I’m so very very grateful you answered the questions! You answered everything to the T of what I needed to know! I have been adding more carbs, by means of millet, amaranath, buckwheat and sweet potato. Fats by means of avocado, flax oil, coconut oil, raw walnuts etc. My WODs have been 110% better and my endurance way better too!! Thankyou for reaffirming that I’m on the right track! God bless!

    1. Lou says:

      always an enemy!)a0 This was followed in epsodie #9 with a discussion about none other than the Joker and Penguin, the two villains who appeared most often in Golden Age Batman stories.a0 A few months later in epsodie #27, I tackled one of my favorite Golden Age Batman topics, the

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