Episode #178: Why Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than Regular Potatoes

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In this January 11, 2012 free audio episode: Why Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than Regular Potatoes. Also: personal trainer credentials, setting race goals, bike to run equivalencies, tennis as triathlon training, can muscle fibers change type, ketoacidosis, and adrenal fatigue.

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Audio Question from Keith:
How do yams stack up against regular potatoes as a fuel during a long run.

Audio Question from Clienda:
What credentials should she look for in a senior personal trainer.

Audio Question from Shawn:
Advice on setting race goals for the coming year.

Audio Question from Matt:
Is interested in how to swap a bike session for a running session (and vice versa).

~ Conversion factors for different cycling speeds: 10MPH=4.2, 15MPH=3.5, 20MPH=2.9, 25MPH=2.3, and 30MPH=1.9. Divide number of miles ridden by the conversion factor for your riding speed to tell you the equivalent miles of running at any speed. So for 20 miles on the bike at 10MPH, divide 20 miles by 4.2 and that results in the equivalent of 4.8 miles of running. This formula is for approximately 155 pounds. A larger cyclist would divide by a slightly higher number and a smaller cyclist, by a slightly lower number.

Question from Jan:
I heard you also play some mean tennis. I used to play competitive juniors and collegiate tennis before I injured my knee. That's when I discovered running (which was my favourite cross training activity back then) and then I eventually moved on to triathlons. I've been getting the itch to pick up my racket again and play a tournament that the company I work for is organizing. I'm a little hesitant to do that since I have already started training for the 2012 tri season. Although my first “A race” is in May (standard distance) and the tennis tournament is in March. What do you think? Are there any benefits that I will gain from playing tennis? Or maybe I'm risking my tri season too much?

Carlos asks:
Can you clarify something for me? When it comes to the muscle fibers we contain, can they actually change from one type to another OR do we just recruit one type more than the other based on the type of load?

Peter asks:
While home for the holidays both my Mom and Dad commented that my breath smelled like alcohol. However, I had not had anything to drink that day or several days prior. As part of our investigation I tested my blood sugar with my Grandpa’s machine and the results were normal. My Mom concluded that my body was producing keytones because I am not consuming enough carbohydrates. Having researched keytones online I realize this can be a serious issue. I work out frequently, 5-6 days per week. Recently I have been lifting and will be starting to train for a full triathlon taking place in April. Can you help me understand more about keytones, how they’re caused, and how I can avoid this training/fueling error going forward in my active life.

Chris asks:
My question is 2-fold, my dad has been struggling with what we believe to be adrenal fatigue. He has a whole host of symptoms and has been to all kinds of doctors over the past year and has had just about everything else ruled out. He has really worked on reducing stress and this has helped to some degree. Currently his diet is excessively high in carbs especially refined simple carbs. So, my first question is – do you have any specific diet recommendations for people with adrenal fatigue (supplements etc.), and secondly I am curious if you have written a book or have a good recommendation of a low-carb / whole-foods based diet for the general population. I am aware of your fuelling books for athletes but not sure if you have one for a non-athlete who really isn't concerned with fueling etc. One of the major issues with whole foods diet books that really bothers me is they seem to give fat a bad name.

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4 thoughts on “Episode #178: Why Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than Regular Potatoes

  1. Ben says:

    Adrenal Fatigue by J Wilson is a good resource book to read. I recommend it to my physical therapy clients with this conditon.

  2. kem says:


    You have waxed on enthusiastically about trans dermal magnesium oil. My beautiful wife struggles with sleep at this time of her life and we invested in ancient minerals but she ended up drinking it! We have gravitated to the raw product for transdermal application. I buy MgCl at the farm store we belong to at $14/25 kg (dairy cattle supplement, they get deficient giving out all that milk and get grass staggers) and we have been putting in the outside bath at night.

    Talk about soporific.

    1. I'll have to add soporific to my vernacular.

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