#225: How To Test Your Antioxidant Levels (Plus A Fitness & Nutrition Grab-Bag With Ben Greenfield)

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In today's episode, I podcast completely without my usual podcast sidekick Brock, straight from a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada, where I'm hanging out with Jeff Spencer, a featured speaker at my upcoming “Become Superhuman” live event….

Jan 9, 2013 free podcast: How to test your antioxidants, should you mix sports drinks with energy gels, how to have 1 recovery day a month, UCAN Superstarch vs. Vitargo, why your legs aren't toned, how the Squatty Potty works and Tough Mudder vs.  Spartan Race.

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As compiled, edited and sometimes read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Chuck asks: You mentioned having your antioxidant profile tested.  I actually just had that done and have very good results.  My dietician mentioned that there a significant genetic factor in that as well-how much of a role does that play?

Also, my Cobalamin (B12) and Pantothenate were low.  What dietary changes can I make to increase these?

In my response to Chuck, I mention the ION Profile w/40 Amino Acids-METAMETRIX

Edwin asks: Ben, My question is regarding the use of energy gels in combination with other liquid nutrition. Energy gels by themselves are extremely hypertonic and thereby it is important to consume adequate amounts of water. The gel company I use states that drinking electrolyte sports drinks with your gel (instead of water) will not properly dilute the gel, thus slowing the absorption rate. This can also lead to stomach irritation and a dehydrating effect as your cellular fluids are drawn upon to dilute the gel. What are your thoughts on this? I heard you say that you use a gel every 20 minutes during a race. Do you only drink water? I want to get the best and most useable nutrition into my body during a race.  I called the gel company who also make the liquid fuel that I use, and asked how they suggested the use. I didn’t really get an answer.

In my response to Edwin, I recommend he reads my Healthy Race Day Nutrition Plan.

I also reference this chart on the ingredients of popular sports gels.

Hollie asks:  I'm an absolute beginner as far as fitness and exercise.   I started a boot camp in June and was actually liking it quite a bit and seeing results.  Then I got tendonitis in my shoulders, right elbow and right wrist.  I work as a housekeeper so I am not able to rest that arm at all.  I ice it after work, take ibuprofen when I remember (not daily).  My arms hurt so they wake me up at night. Is there a way to “power rest” my arms?  I get one day off a month, and my daily life is kicking my butt.  I would like to be able to do pushups again, or any kind of arm work.  Some days I can't pour a cup of coffee.  Can you suggest anything?

In my response to Hollie, my recommendations include:

-Only choose the EAT foods off the Superhuman Food Pyramid

-1 TianChi per day (Chinese Adaptogenic Herb complex) on empty stomach

4-6 Recoverease proteolytic enzymes on empty stomach 

-1 daily serving of concentrated greens (to balance pH). Recommend EnerprimeCapragreensSupergreens, or cycling between all three.

-1-2x/day full body session with Rumble Roller

-1-2x/day 15-20 minute soak in magnesium salts

-10-15 sprays topical magnesium on all sore muscles

-Only if you test iron and it’s low, use of Floradix

-Wear 110% Play Harder full leg compression tights with ice for 30-60 minutes (use code GREENFIELD & get 10% discount and free shipping)

-Sleep with magnet taped or placed over injured area

Home handheld low level cold laser unit, circle around area for 10-15 minutes, 1-2x/day

-Home electrostimulation unit, 1-2 20 minute sessions per day

-4-12 Phenocane per day

-9-12 Capraflex per day

Bill asks: What do you recommend for 2hr MtB/XC race – UCAN Superstarch or Vitargo S2?

Angela asks: I'm having a hard time with the Squatty Potty and why it is a benefit.  I actually get what the SP website is saying about the anorectal angle  and why using the SP to change it makes it easier to go to the bathroom, but I don't see why you can't just bend over.  In comparing images between someone on a SP and someone doing a seated row, both show their knees just inches from their chest.   Do you believe someone can get the same benefits as the SP by simply bending over while on the pot?

Synthia asks: For the last 3 months I have been doing the Insanity dvds everyday (finished the first 60 days and started it up again).  Before that I was running everyday.  So all in all I am in good shape (could still be better) but i feel that with all this rigorous excercise my legs should be more tone. However, it feels like I can't get them be stronger or toner looking.  How can I achieve this?

In my response to Synthia, I recommend my body typing book at http://www.GetFitGuy.com

Angela asks: I don't think I've ever heard either of you talk about any obstacle races.  Have you considered qualifying for (and of course competing in) the World's Toughest Mudder or the Spartan Death Race?  If not, why?

Compare/contrast tough mudder and death race, then talk about your adventure racing.

In my response to Angela, I mention the Endurance Planet interview about the Spartan Death Race.

I also recommend this Race Day Domination plan for obstacle course racing.


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  2. Honestly, that was a lot of information to take in. I'm going to have to let it sink in properly before I try modifying my fitness routine.

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  4. jeff Hoening says:

    Isn't this product the same as UCAN (link below)? It's a straight plain corn starch, plus it's certified organic and less than $3 for 8 oz.

    1. UCAN is extremely different. Their starting ingredient is non-GMO corn-starch and then there is a proprietary heat and moisture process that allows for it's unique slow but complete absorption profile, long-lasting and stable blood glucose levels, and minimal insulin response. This process all told took 8 years to develop.

  5. jeff Hoening says:

    Great show and thanks for getting out a podcast this week. Ucan Superstarch seems really spendy for simple corn startch. I've used DuraCarb by Source Naturals, straight maltodextrin with some chromium. it's only $11 for a big tub – no taste, mixes easily, no GI issues. Make my own sports drink with it – scoop of DuraCarb, bit powdered Gatorade, 1/2 scoop SuperEssentials Aminos, dash of Celtic sea Salt. Also great to add 1 scoop of DuraCarb in any protein (like Vanilla Caprotein), which turns any protein into a recovery blend. What do you think of DuraCarb?

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