Episode #186: How Liposuction Makes You Fat

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In this Mar 14, 2012 free audio podcast: How Liposuction Makes You Fat. Also: dealing with a chronic calf sprain, what is P.A.P training, can you create glycogen from fat and protein, are unsoaked nuts and seeds a problem, the Maffetone vs. the Triathlon Dominator heart rate zones, distances for long triathlon training sessions, and reasons for fat loss resistance.

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  • Carob is a great alternative to chocolate. Compared to chocolate it has higher calcium count (three times as much), no caffeine content, nor fat, and presents your taste buds with a different experience. It's also high in Iron, Vitamin B, Phosphorus, Magnesium, fiber and protein.
  • Top injury sites for the long distance triathletes includes lower back (17.9%), Achilles tendons (14.3%), and knees (14.2%). Among the short to intermediate distance triathletes, most injuries occurred in the knees (44%), calf (20%), hamstrings (20%), and lower back (20%).
  • A group of healthy, active individuals were instructed to cut back on their activity for 3 consecutive days. What they found was that their blood sugar levels spiked 26% more than it normally would have, and that the spikes increased slightly over each successive day.


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Audio Question from Jennifer:
Is liposuction an option or a last resort?

Audio Question from Jake:
15 weeks out from Ironman with chronic calf strain.

Eric asks:
I've been hearing a lot about P.A.P. training and was hoping you could help define what it is and how it may help endurance athletes.

Andrei asks:
I keep hearing about how after an workout you have to eat to replenish the glycogen storage. Also, during a long training run or a race, you have to ingest carbs to top your glycogen storage. My question is if you can do this with fat or protein, not carbs. Can I just eat fat and protein after an workout to restore my glycogen levels? How about during the workout?

Hosanna asks:
To what degree does eating unsoaked nuts, seeds affect the bioavailability of nutrients? I was eating a dried fruit, nut and seed mix daily as a significant portion of my diet until I read to limit intake substantially on the paleodietlifestyle website.

jeffyt01 wrote:
I listened to your podcast with Phil Maffetone and was wondering what your thoughts are on his 180 formula vs how you lay out the heart rate training zones in your Dominator plan. Also, do you need to do more volume when using Maffetone's method?

Jack asks:
In training for different tri distances, what distances you would recommend for a long swim, long ride and a long run? Also, what sort of bricking do you recommend most? I am especially interested in the Olympic tri distance.

Josh writes:
I'm a cat 1 cyclist, really pushing myself this year to get some big results. I'm 25 years old, my coach has me doing some solid high intensity intervals and some longer endurance rides and my fitness is much higher than previous years. I supplement with 4000 IU of vitamin D, a multi, fish oil, and EPO-boost daily. As you know, watts per kilo is the gold measurement of fitness in the sport. My coach and I are obviously working to bring the watts up, but I'm struggling to get the weight down. I've been stuck around 170-173 lbs and 10%ish BF forever, I'm an all rounder type cyclist and 5'11”!!!! It's getting frustrating. I can't seem to break through that barrier. I've counted calories, went paleo over the last few years. I'm still gluten free, and was pretty pleased to find that I was following your food pyramid pretty decently before you publishing it. I've had blood work done, and everything is normal. Just can't figure out how to lose the stubborn weight so I can down to 7-8% for my first races. I can't get that “vacuumed out look” like other guys in the sport. I have some stubborn fat around my stomach I think is the problem. I used a body metrix system also. Any suggestions?

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10 thoughts on “Episode #186: How Liposuction Makes You Fat

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    1. Stefanie Hilton says:

      Hey, Ben…considering your topic on liposuction, I was curious about your thoughts on coolsculpting? I had thought about it, since no matter what I always have a bit of a stomach pooch, but can’t see myself resorting to something like that. I just continue to workout hard and eat healthy and think, that’s just my body.

  2. Fred Firestine says:

    It was great to hear you talk about P.A.P. This is a concept introduced to P90X fans in the recently-released P90X2. Tony Horton also talks quite a bit about Marcus Elliott and P3 (Peak Performance Project). Honestly, your explanation of P.A.P. is a lot more helpful than the snippets in the P90X2 workout videos. Maybe Tony and Beachbody explain it in more detail somewhere online, or they figure we can look it up on our own.

    OK, I'm late for my P.A.P Upper workout now!

    1. Go P.A.P it up Fred!

  3. Carlos says:

    Hey Ben and Brock

    I just found this website for learning a new language, should be useful for you guys going to Thailand, its free and really interesting and fun!

    1. BrockSky says:

      That is a very cool site! Thanks Carlos.

  4. Carla says:

    after 3 c.sections (in 5 years) I am considering a tummy tuck as nothing is fixing my abs. I have normal BF%/BMI,I exercise 5x a week (cardio, Hiit, vibration patform, yoga, weights etc) the excess skin has improved but I dont thnk it will ever be flat again.Is there any other way?

    1. Tummy tuck isn't a big deal. There's not much adipose removed with that, so you wouldn't be risking metabolic syndrome. Go for it if it makes you happy!

  5. Linda says:

    When I had a problem with my calf – it turned out my bike cleat had slipped out of alignment. Might be something to check.

    1. Good call Linda. Thanks!

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