Episode #207: 10 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Fast (& Why Ben Is Wearing A Funny Vest & Geeky Glasses During Today’s Podcast)

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In the intro to this episode, Ben mentions he's wearing these Gunnar glasses (eliminate eye strain), this CoolFatBurner vest (cold thermogenesis) and these 110% Compression pants (cold thermogenesis + compression).

Sep 5, 2012 free podcast: 10 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Fast (& Why Ben Is Wearing A Funny Vest & Geeky Glasses During Today's Podcast). Also: how to “carb backload”, nutrition strategies for shift workers, dealing with osteopenia, should you wear sunglasses at daybreak, how to increase testosterone, is “Chi Running” a good protocol, alternatives for cable exercises, how to return to a regular menstrual cycle, and understanding a Bruce Protocol Stress Test.

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As compiled and read by Brock, the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast “sidekick”.

Audio Question from Ange:
Could you weight in on “Carb Backloading”? Involves: Training in the morning when you get up, maybe have a cup of coffee (with cream) but have no macro-nutrients before working out. She always thought you should take in carbs and/or protein before working out.

~ In my response, I mention my original response to a carb backloading question.

Audio Question from Matt:
Planning on running some marathons and an Ironman in the next 12-16 months. Has a very irregular work/sleep schedule. Trains in the morning whether he work days or nights. He's looking for nutritional advice to fit a schedule like his. Also would like to know what to eat after his workout when he goes to bed directly after. What supplements should he take to make the most of his sleep – currently takes melatonin and casine-isolate shake.

~ I mention my sleep recommendations.

Audio Question from “Belly”:
2 years ago he was 30kg heavier than he is today (he is 33). Back then, he started walking several times a week and then started running. Loves running. Even though he has lost weight he still has a layer of fat around his belly. Could you elaborate on how to get rid of the belly fat (he knows about runner's belly related to cortisol levels).

Audio Question from “Bones”:
His wife just had a bone density scan and was diagnose with osteopenia. They are wondering what supplements she should take.

~ In my response, I mention Capraflex. Also liquid trace minerals, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Vitamin K2.

Audio Question from Craig:
Based on your recommendation he has been wearing blue blockers in the evening. Wants to know if there would be any advantage to wearing sunglasses in the morning before sunrise.

Audio Question from Scott:
2 weeks ago he had blood work that showed his testosterone was low (8.2 nmol/litre 22.5 pmol/litre Testosterone Free Reading). Started taking medications. Has been running twice a week and as well as lifting weights. Had blood work done again and his testosterone levels went down. What would you recommend to raise his testosterone level?

~ In my response, I suggest that he read these testosterone recommendations.

Audio Question from Pat:
Not an endurance athlete, lift weights and does jujitsu. He recently read the book “Chi Running” and has started running once a week, just a couple mines (or 3 at most). He's never heard us mention the book and wanted to know what we thought.

~ In my response to Pat, I mention this interview with Danny Abshire from Newton Running shoes. I also mention this Chi Running audio cue I made.

Christine asks:
I am thoroughly enjoying your new book! I have discovered I am a mesomorph female and had a question about the workouts. Quite a few exercises require cable workout equipment, which I do not have in my home. Can I substitute alternative exercises that work the same muscle group and maintain the high rep, low weight protocol?

~ In my response to Christine, I mention the Body by Jake Tower.

Elizabeth says:
Last summer, as I was in training for my first half marathon, I decided to stop taking my birth control because I didn't want the extra hormones and all that goes with taking birth control. I expected to not have a regular menstrual cycle at first but from August to February I had only one period. I have gone to the doctor and she said it was because I am too lean and am training too hard for the marathon. She gave me progesterone pills to take to see if she could restart my menstrual cycle and it did but now it has been 2 months since then and I have not had another period. My body fat percentage is around 21%. I'm wondering what I can do so that I can have regular menstrual cycle and still train for endurance running events.

Connie says:
I had some cardiovascular test done but have no clue what the results mean and thought maybe you would know. I have done 4 Ironman races. I am very slow and had a gastric bypass 6 years ago. The Doctors are saying I tested extremely high so that's why I'm confused. I had a Bruce Protocol Stress Test and I lasted 17 minutes 7 seconds ending at 5.5 mph at 20% grade, my VO2max calculates at 71.07 using the formula of 4.38xT-3.9 (T=time I lasted on treadmill during stress test) My functional aerobic capacity attained was 160% and my SBPxHR is 27360. HR went from 61 to 171. Does any of this make sense because I am totally lost. If my stats are good does that mean I should maybe start to push myself to not be so slow.

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14 thoughts on “Episode #207: 10 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Fast (& Why Ben Is Wearing A Funny Vest & Geeky Glasses During Today’s Podcast)

  1. lance says:

    I've been digging my gunnar glasses too, especially now that school has started and my main computer time shifted from morning to evening. I find I fall asleep easier. But my frames look cooler than yours.

    "Chi" is pronounced "chee", with a soft ch. It is the Wade Giles Romanization of the Chinese word; the newer Pinyin Romanization is qi. Same word, same prnounciation. The Romanization of the Japanese word is "ki" pronounced "key". Same concept, different language.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Ben want to download the chi comments but it saves as a web file. Any way to get it as a mp3?

    1. Brock says:

      Mark, if you right click on the link and “save link as…” or “save file as” you should be able to get it as an mp3. Or follow this link and then, once the file is fully loaded, go to: file > save as… http://cdn.bengreenfieldfitness.com/BenGreenfieldChiRunningTips.mp3

  3. Kate says:

    In regards to Elizabeth's question, I have been there!!! As an endurance athlete that was on the pill for years and went off it to then lose my cycle for about 4 years!! I was the typical endurance athlete that ate tons of starches and very little fat! As soon as I switched to higher fat my cycle returned. It wasn't consistent
    until I went high fat and lower carb. I was probably even more active during this time
    that is finally normalized. I am now fat adapted and still training with a very consistent
    cycle! Ben is right on with the add fat to your diet, hormones need fat!!!

  4. Osa says:

    Ben how do you put the Cool Fat Burner on? I received mine today and am confused how to put it on. I have not frozen the gels or anything. I contacted them to see if they could put a video demonstration on Youtube. Mine has some straps on it.

    1. Osa says:

      Don't worry I figured it out.

  5. K R says:

    Ben, another great podcast!!! I have a couple of questions on your ways to burn belly fat:
    1. You mentioned limiting or avoiding starch (rice etc). What about whole wheat products?
    2. You recommended avoiding late night snacks within 2 hours of bedtime. How about a zero-carb snack before going to bed (nuts, cheese etc)? Is it as bad for belly fat as eating a carb snack?

    Thank you!

  6. Kathy says:

    Question and comment: Ben, you have mentioned a few times taking a cold shower before bed. I thought that the dropping in body temperature helped trigger sleepiness, and I've read recommendations to take a warm bath before bed, so your body temp drops more as you try to fall asleep. Have you heard that at all?

    Comment about the shift work and light boxes. I bought a product called Lite Book that is essentially a small portable light box. I've actually used it on the airplane when flying to Asia, and I think it really cuts down on jet lag significantly! They have a page on their site where you can enter departing and arriving time zone, and it'll recommend what time to use it. I would think using some kind of light box could help a lot with shift work. When doing the research on which one to buy, I also came across a company that had a visor with the lights built in to that. That could be much more convenient to use, if you could wear that on the drive to work or when you first got there. (Not sure if it would interfere with visibility while driving.)

    1. Kathy, YES, the cold shower can wake you up a bit, but I work out on the afternoon/evening so it helps get my core temperature down…so benefits outweight drawbacks. I don't have trouble sleeping with this approach…

      I'm familiar with that Lite Book, even though I don't have one. That's good to hear about your experience with it…I'll have to look into this visor…

  7. Kathy says:

    'Chi' is actually a Chinese word. (It may be a Japanese word as well, but I don't speak Japanese.) It's pronounced with a soft 'ch', so it sounds like chia without the 'a.' In years past, it was spelled 'chi' but modern romanized Chinese would spell it as 'qi.' It essentially means something like your life force. It's the same word that's in 'tai chi' (that slo-mo martial arts) or 'qi gong.'

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes, life force/energy concept was why I had it tattooed on my shoulder…

      1. Kathy says:

        I thought I should amend my comment, as I realized I'm not sure I pronounce 'chia seeds' correctly! I meant 'ch' as in cheerios or cheetah.

  8. The vest gets decently cold, but I do an icy cold shower before I begin using it so that I can "jumpstart" the process. I actually use the full 110% compression pants as I find they're more effective than the shorts, especially from the compression standpoint. The CT vest definitely gets colder than the 110% compression pants…but nothing beats the cold river by my house. ;)

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