Mid-Week Special Update! How To Live A Fat Loss Lifestyle, Ditch Your Waistline, and Tone Muscle…All At The Same Time!

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Folks, I would highly recommend that you play the video below to meet one of the nation's top personal trainers: Mr. Darin Steen. This fat loss expert and family man has such good ideas, that I actually decided to release a special mid-week audio update containing my fat loss interview with him.

As the creator of the 300 page guide to fat loss, entitled “Fat Loss Lifestyle Manual”, the designer of the entire “Cardio Intervals DVD Series” and your personal guide in his brand new “Fat Loss Lifestyle Exercise Video Library”, Darin agreed to be interviewed by me and reveal some of his top fat loss tricks and tips, including some of the very same techniques he uses as personal fitness adviser to Dr. Mercola.

During our discussion, (which you can listen to for free by downloading my fat loss interview with him here or using the player at the bottom of this post), Darin reveals:

-An easy system to determine which days to eat carbs and which days to avoid carbs…

-His secret weapon for shedding inches of fat from the waistline and staying motivated to do so…

-The best bodyweight and simple exercises you can do when you don't have time for a “workout”…

-His favorite fat burning nutritional supplement (hint: it's everywhere around you)…

-His top tips for getting lean quickly…

-How he personally lives a fat loss lifestyle, and his personal secrets to lasting fat loss and energy…

-And much, much more!

Darin is no joke. He's been personal training for over 25 years and has worked with everyone from professional athletes and bodybuilders to people who just need a realisitic way to squeeze in exercise. If you want fat loss, you're going to want to listen carefully and take notes.

I would definitely recommend that you check out his “Fat Loss Lifestyle Manual”, his “Cardio Intervals DVD Series” and your personal guide in his brand new “Fat Loss Lifestyle Exercise Video Library”.

You'll find each of these fat loss resources below.

-Click here to learn more about Darin's “Fat Loss Lifestyle Manual”, a 300 page guide to fat loss that also includes a support forum and easy-to-understand cheat sheets.

-Click here to learn more about Darin's “Cardio Intervals DVD Series”, which will allow you to create your very own personalized interval cardio sessions.

Click here to learn more about Darin's brand new “Fat Loss Lifestyle Exercise Video Library” (pictured right), which is jam-packed with every exercise he has developed over 25 years of personal training, with an explanation of how you should personally use each exercise.

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