Podcast Episode #7: Nutrition and Fat Loss Q & A

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Questions answered on the July 25, 2008 Podcast:

Listener Anonymous asks:

  • What do you thing of eating every 3 to 4 hours?
  • Or eating anything as long as is vegetables?
  • If it is possible can you tell me what to eat in the morning, lunch and dinner?
  • Should I just eat when I'm hungry?

Listener Angie asks:

  • What is a complete amino acid count?
  • Which AA's were satisfied by each of these foods you ate in the Las Vegas newsletter “Eating Healthy on the Strip”?

Listener Pat asks:

  • After severing my patella eight years ago, and after bone carpentry (term used by my surgeon) I literally sat for nearly a year and during that time my quads wouldn't respond to any brain commands to even flex! When I was up and around again, I noticed cellulite had developed between my knees and hips. Once regular workouts began, and now this many years later, the cellulite pretty much still remains on top of the muscles. I am looking fwd. to trying at least one of these products to see if the cellulite diminishes. I am curious what this topical cream does to the skin texture with repeated applications?

Links in this podcast:

  • Greyhound Juice – use discount code BGF for 5% discount
  • ActionWipes – fantastic new product, featured in August issue of Triathlete Magazine

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One thought on “Podcast Episode #7: Nutrition and Fat Loss Q & A

  1. Spokane Al says:

    I have a question for the nutrition guru. In a recent podcast you answered a question concerning eating as much vegetables as one wants, because you feel that it would be difficult to overeat that type of food.

    I wonder if you feel the same about fruits. I eat bowls of fruits (not to worry – I eat my vegetables as well) every day. We take advantage of whichever fruit is in season and on sale, and buy as much as possible. For example we are now in watermelon season and I can eat a large watermelon in a day (and not those wimpy single serving sized melons). Then when grapes are on sale, I overdose on those, and move on to oranges etc. Of course I do pee alot as a result, but that is merely a minor inconvenience.

    Can I eat too much of a good thing?

    I am also fanatically in love with concentrated orange juice and have been drinking several glasses a day for years (I should have bought stock in Minute Maid years ago before they were purchased by Coca Cola) – primary at breakfast with about 16 – 20 oz and one 8 – 12 oz glass at night before I go to bed. I believe that it is the elixir of the gods. What are your feelings on this?

    Keep up the good work Ben – I caught up on your recent podcasts during my long run, although I will admit that I did not completely understand everything the New Zealand pro was saying.

    Peace brother.

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