10 Ways To Biohack Endurance – Special Podcast Episode and Slides from Ben Greenfield’s PrimalCon Presentation in Mexico!

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In this special podcast episode, which is a recording from my PrimalCon presentation in Tulum Mexico, you'll learn endurance biohacking tips, anti-aging tips, fat loss tips and much more!

All the resources I talk about in this presentation can be found by clicking here (will open in a new window).

Topics I cover (slides below) include:

-Why the human body has natural endurance…

-Why the least important thing you need to prioritize is your stamina…

-6 ways to maximize fat oxidation…

-4 tricks to stand all day without getting tired…

-One powerful breathing technique you can use to enhance workouts and races…

-How to instantly drop your heartrate by 10 beats…

-5 ways you can stop electromagnetic damage to your body now…

-The best blood and gut tests to get…

-2 of the best apps for building brain power…

-Why soft tissue work is one of the best ways to keep your joints from damage…

-How just 5 minutes per day can maximize your health…

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7 thoughts on “10 Ways To Biohack Endurance – Special Podcast Episode and Slides from Ben Greenfield’s PrimalCon Presentation in Mexico!

  1. kgehle says:

    What was the name of the doctor who is doing the research on athletes who are in ketosis or who eat low carb?

  2. journeytohealth says:

    I feel silly posting public but perhaps others can use the answers to these questions as well.

    1- I am a full time student and have a hard time managing my schedule alone so bio-hacking might last as long as a week before I fall of or binge on 20 cookies and go through the next 3 days regulating blood sugar again. i feel i'm there when I can go 12 – 16 hrs without hunger. Am I terribly wrong in my approach to bio-hacking and do you have any tricks that signal behavioral stability for you?
    2- I do coffee enemas as often as twice in a day or as infrequently as once a month. Any time I get bad gas, loose stool, or abdominal discomfort they usually help. I may have SIBO, as raw goats milk has been the only thing to fix my gut, but I had to sell the goats. I use 2 cups coffee mild strength (bulletproof), 2 tsp Epsom salt and blended strained plantain for the fiber. I cant find anything on how exactly this method helps or how coffee constituents enter and affect the body in this way. If you have any knowledge that could help I'd appreciate it.
    3- I feel you look a lot better (subjective) as a body builder, will bio-hacking and longevity based super health always result in a lean minimalist physique? Do you notice a difference in sexual health between the two?

    1. Wow! Those questions are more suited for the podcast than a comments section. You should call the in to http://www.speakpipe.com/bengreenfield. But in a nutshell:
      1. Take a look at this https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/08/time-….
      2. Look into some gut healing protocols instead of enemas for gas and bloating https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product/detox-and-gut-healing-pack/.
      3. That's kind of the point of biohacking – to have the body and life you want in a minimal and healthy way.

  3. Jumper2point0 says:

    Thanks Ben!

  4. Jumper2point0 says:

    I can't find the links you mentioned for unlocking the sacroiliac and an example of the strength exercise that you mentioned that involved a lunge (or part of the lunge). You mentioned this pretty early in the podcast when discussing doing less aerobic exercise and more strength. Do you have examples of these?

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