Episode #99: How To Stay Fit When You’re Stuck At Home

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In this June 16, 2010 audio episode: how to stay fit when you're stuck at home, when is the best time to stretch, what to do about hypoglycemia, is juice OK after a workout, how many calories are in a pound of fat, how to stay fit on a road trip, shin splint tips, what to do about stress fractures, keeping track of laps while swimming, how to recover from Ironman triathlon.

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Listener Q&A

Listener Rod asks: “I'm nearly 40 and have never had to work hard at my fitness to stay in reasonable shape and have never been overly concerned with how much muscle I have. Over the last few weeks listening, you have motivated me to get fitter as I've been putting on a little fat in the moobs (chest fat) and belly. I can't affort to get a gym membership so Im thinking some anaerobic fat burning excersises would be good. I'm often in with my kids so I want something cheap I can do around the house. Would you recommend body weight circuits (push ups etc) combined with skipping and perhaps a run once a week? Last question, what effect does beer have on training. I know it's not good but how much difference would a few beers once a week make?”

In my response to Rod, I mention a page I have that gives a list of exercise tool recommendations.

Listener Chuck asks: “I was wondering about the best time to do static stretching.  I know to warm up for a workout with dynamic stretches, so is static stretching best after workouts?  And if I exercise in the afternoon or evening, would it be a good idea to stretch again later that night?”

Listener Robert asks: “I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. The query whether it’s been caused by my faulty eating habits [binge eating, foolish starving and fasting] over the course of the years, while doing endurance sport [18-21 hour on weekly basis] concurrently – we, that is my physician and me, don’t know. Would you kindly elaborate on the difference between, postprandial, reactive and exercise induced hypoglycemia? At the end of March, I experienced an unprecedented status, being constantly down. Devastating fatigue and lethargy on daily basis, dizziness, sluggishness, despite having changed my eating habits [no binging any longer ]. For what it’s worth, I m about to turn 36, this June coming up. Is that middle-age-something related? I mean, I have been able to handle hypoglycemia fairly well, it is probably the age, and all that being associated with, which urges my body to react differently?”

Congratulations to Robert, who was nominated as the top question for this week's podcast! Robert will receive a free month of membership to the Body Transformation Club, full access to the Club's secret video page, the life-changing piece of Club mail that I will personally send him each week, and much more. 

Listener Kim asks: “I am running 60 to 90 minutes 6-10 miles.  Is homemade green juice (one head romaine, 160z. spinach, 2 lemons and a grapefruit- this gives me about 16-20 oz of juice) a good recovery food?  I run in the morning and prefer to drink this after a run and not eat until about 2 hours after I'm done running.  I have heard your podcasts on recovery food after excercise and want to know if the juice is acceptable.”

Listener Chris asks: “I'm curious about how many calories are in a pound of body fat.  Most of what I've heard says that a pound of body fat is equal to about 3500 calories. But if 1 pound = about 450grams, and 450g x 9cal/gram of fat = 4050 calories, how does that make sense?  I suppose this doesn't have practical consequences, but It's bothering me!

Listener Chris also asks: “Do you have any recommendations for how to take on a multi-day road trip(2-3 days) and keeping fit? I'm thinking about stopping every 90minutes or so to walk around, and maybe go for a short bike ride, but beyond that I'm not sure how to keep my legs from getting stale from sitting on my butt for so long. ”

Listener Lee asks: “I am a relatively active person, I go to the gym 4/5 times a week doing both cardio and weight training. Recently when running on the treadmill the left and right side of my shin bone become sore and tight, particularly on my left leg. Even when starting the cardio with a casual walking pace to warm up my legs, once i run for 10mins the muscle/tissue on each side of shin bone become sore and tight. Do you have any advice as to what is causing this or how to prevent this?”

Listener Mike asks: “I have a question about chronic stress fractures.  I’m 44 and was training for the Couer D’Alene Ironman; things were going well, but two weeks ago my left thigh started to hurt.  I have a history of stress fractures and so I had a bone scan and sure enough the left femur has a stress fracture midway between the knee and the hip.  I’ve completed two other Ironman races, both were done on stress fractures.  I’ve had the following stress fractures in the past three years:

Right femur midway between knee and hip
Left tibia
One of the tarsal bones in my right foot
Right femur at the neck

My goal for this race was to compete healthy and consequently have withdrawn my name from the entry list.  I’m out for this year, but I guess the question is: do I have to give up long distance running events?”

Listener Jeff asks: “Please give me some tips to help me to not lose my swim lap count in the pool.”

In my response to Jeff, I mention the swim lap counter you can get here.

Listener TM asks: “I'm participating in the Coeur d'Alene Ironman in two weeks.  My question is, how much time do I take off afterwards and how intense do I train when I start back into training?”

Listener Bret asks: “I completed IMSG about a month and a half ago and me and my buddies are really struggling getting motivated again. Training sessions seem boring, races seem lame in comparison to IM. Any suggestions of how to rebound from what I heard is called the Post IM Blues?”

Finally, listener Chuck has a call-in comment on the Triathlon Dominator.

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