How To Build Primal Fitness And Endurance By Hunting: An Interview With A Bowhunting Triathlete

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I grew up in North Idaho surrounded by hunters. I've personally been hunting whitetail deer in my backyard for 4 years, fishing since I was a kid, and I've even podcasted about whether deer meat is healthy.

And in the recent post “The 3 P’s Of Being A Man, Getting Tough and Doing Hard Things“, you learned that one way to accomplish the “P” of providing is to hunt.

My guest on today's podcast is Shad Wheeler (pictured above) from Shad is an entrepreneur, a bowhunter, and an triathlete, and in this episode, he teaches you how to build primal fitness and endurance by hunting.

-How Shad's father helped found and invent the Bowflex exercise device

-What type of bows are best for bow hunting, whether you're a seasoned hunter or just getting started…

-The similarities between triathlon and bowhunting… and the Train To Hunt Challenges

-Workouts for getting ready for bowhunting…

After listening in, I think you'll agree that when it comes to ancestral fitness, bowhunting really takes the cake. Do you have questions or comments about this show? Leave your thoughts below!

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23 thoughts on “How To Build Primal Fitness And Endurance By Hunting: An Interview With A Bowhunting Triathlete

  1. Bink Grimes says:

    I really like hunting. Awesome podcast! Really enjoyed listening to this one. Thanks a lot.

  2. Erik Himmel says:

    Always love bow hunting!
    Most love Elk hunting :)

  3. saiful says:

    excellent podcast. fitness for hunting very necessary. just need to give advice for fitness I sure many of here this podcast.thanks for the post.

  4. Owen says:

    Awesome podcast! I liked the topic about Fitness And Endurance.

  5. Paul Hood says:

    Good podcast. Really loved it. By hunting, we are adding to our fitness without being aware of it.

  6. Ryan says:

    My Dad killed elk last week and it was a great time for me. I appreciate the concept and it is really amazing. Love it. Personally, I love hunting that’s why I have a plan to go for hunting with my dad next week. It would be a great experience. Thanks and Great podcast.

  7. Thanks, interesting podcast and nice photo!

  8. Jackie Evans Holmgren says:

    Great podcast Ben. I’m a woman but love to see men hunting and being men. Plus, love to cook the venision and the elk meat. Keep up the hunting podcast fitness too. My dad took me on my first elk hunt when I was in first grade. I got to pack the liver! We ate into it as soon as we got home! All the best, Jackie

  9. Jimmy says:

    I grew up in a family full of bow hunters. It definitely whips you into shape. Accuracy is everything. This was a super interesting podcast

  10. Josh says:

    Before I started hunting I actually made myself go to the gym thrice a week to not embarrass myself in front of the others in the hunting group, haha. Now I don’t need to hit the gym since the hunting gives me more than enough weight lifting.

  11. Awesome Podcast Indeed. I really enjoyed how you described. Last summer I and my partner killed 2 elk and It was really thrilling so far. By the thanks for the podcast again.

  12. James says:

    Great podcast, hunting is an incredible test of fitness. I killed an elk this year 6 miles from the truck and up 3000 vertical feet, that was intense!

  13. Nice Podcast. I have been practicing triathlon but not bow-hunting yet. Now I can see the similarity. Thanks Ben

  14. Phyllis S. Miller says:

    Excellent Idea! I will try it.

  15. Owen says:

    Awesome podcast, Ben. Really enjoyed listening to this one

  16. Brandon Cox says:

    Very interesting podcast, I would love to try it.

    Thanks so much!

  17. Scott Man says:

    Human odor spooks deer. Shower with a scent-free soap before every hunting trip, and try not to contaminate your hunting clothes on the way to the field. Keep them sealed in a plastic container or bag with leaves, dirt and other ground debris from around your stand until you arrive at your hunting location. Doing so will allow your hunting clothing to take on the naturally occurring scents that permeate your hunting location.

  18. Peter Miles says:

    Apparently, my wife and I love to hunt but never, for once, made the connection like the one you’ve shared. Interesting podcast.

  19. Looks nice. I would love to try it

  20. DFiveThings says:

    Very nice concept, thanks a lot

  21. JohnGRussell says:

    What an interesting concept! I've been hunting for years and would never have thought I had any comparison to a triathlete. Guess I have no excuse not to be in better shape! Great podcast. Thanks a lot.

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