Can Body Language Be Used To Enhance Your Performance?

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When I was in college, one of my roommates was totally geeked out on body language.

He had shelves full of books about how to get what you want with your body language, including how to tell if people are lying based on their body language, how to sell with your body language, and how to get girls with your body language.

I remember being both fascinated and frustrated by his uncanny ability to know instantly if there was any shred of untruth in anything I told him, and also his ability to know exactly what I was thinking nearly 100% of the time.

Sometimes, he'd even have me tell him a story that I may or may not have contrived, and he instantly would know whether I was lying or telling the truth.

But is it really true that body language is that powerful, and, if so, could it be used to enhance human performance? In other words…

Can body language be used to “get what you want”?

Can your body language directly affect your health or fitness?

Are there things that you can do during a workout or event (like a marathon) with your body language to perform better?

Can body language help you to eat better or fix your diet?

I ask all these questions and more to Kirk Duncan in today's interview, and I also include a fantastic infographic: “How To Use Body Language To Be More Attractive”.

Kirk DuncanKirk Duncan (pictured right), president of 3 Key Elements, is a trainer, mentor and body language master.  I met Kirk in Utah a couple months ago, and went to one of his body language seminars. It was pretty powerful stuff.

Kirk's job is to help people find the obstacles that they face and show them how to get through them.  He has taken the tools he’s discovered through many years of observing people’s body language and developed a system for training and teaching others in such a way that they experience breakthroughs quickly and permanently.

Today, in this audio interview, Kirk teaches you the Art Of Looking Good With Your Body Language.

Also, be sure to check out the graphic below about using body language to be more attractive. The text gets a bit small in places, but you can click on the image to get a close-up.

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4 thoughts on “Can Body Language Be Used To Enhance Your Performance?

  1. Jill says:

    Very interesting podcast! Ben have you read "Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength" by Roy Baumeister and John Tierney? It's a fascinating read, full of research studies that focus on a similar principal of our attitude and choices determining our outcomes. The chapter about Henry Morton Stanley in particular rings very true with what Kirk Duncan found in his own life. I think you'd enjoy reading all the studies they've done and how they relate them to real life. The final chapter gives a summary of the book with ways to apply the principles in your life.

    1. I have not read that book, Jill. It sounds really good. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. kiki says:

    In my age group, the best athletes are also the most self contained (but spottable anyway by lean mean builds and pricey rides).

    1. Yes, but have you looked at the way they stand, carry themselves, etc? I bet they're not looking down with hunched shoulders…

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