Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack Shares His 12 Most Lethal and Effective Triathlon Training Sessions Of All Time.

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You're in luck.

In today's audio interview, Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack tells us how to get 12 of his most lethal and effective triathlon training sessions of all time – and what he shares during our discussion is pure workout gold!

During our talk, Macca spills his secrets on how to do workouts like “The Elevator” swim workout, the “Roly-Poly” run workout, his unconventional trick to getting very fast on a bike, and much more.

In addition, if you scroll down on this post, I'm going to tell you how to get a bunch of bonuses for using the MaccaX12 workouts that Chris talks about, including how to win an HD Flipcam, $100 cold hard cash, a one-on-one consultation with me, the Super Health Diet book, my Superhuman Resource Guide, and more…

And one other thing:

Whether or not you're a triathlete, you're going to find that the MaccaX12 sessions described by Chris during our interview (and available in video and .pdf format by clicking here) are an instant path to quickly boosting your metabolism, blasting away fat and making massive gains in your fitness.

OK, let's get started…

Who Is Chris McCormack?

If you aren't familiar with Macca or the MaccaX12 workouts, here's just a few of his career highlights:

  • Won 76% of career events.
  • MaccaX12Finished on the podium 88% of the time.
  • Won 200+ races around the world since 1993.
  • Only person ever to be Olympic Course + Ironman World Champion.
  • 12 Ironman Victories, more than any other male.
  • Broken 8 hours in Ironman distances 4 times (Only man to break it more than twice)
  • Five-time International Triathlete of the Year.
  • Four-time Competitor of the Year.
  • ESPN World’s Fittest Man.


What You Get With

So what are those big bonuses I talked about giving you if you get Chris McCormack's MaccaX12 workouts?

1) Instant entry to win a Flipcam HD, $100 cash and a one-on-one consultation with me (yes, you get all THREE) when you use the button below to tweet about There are 3 different tweets and you can use each once per day until the end of this month! The more you tweet, the better your chances of winning.

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Super Health Diet2) Free hard copy of the “Super Health Diet” mailed to your house when you post a video of you doing any of the workouts to the BenGreenfieldFitness Facebook page (and you can just be introducing the workout, talking about how the workout went for you, etc.)

Superhuman Resource Guide3) E-mail me your receipt with subject line “” and I will instantly hook you up with the e-book version of my brand new “Become Superhuman” Resource Guide, jam packed with my top recommended tools, supplements, foods and resources for getting even more out of your MaccaX12 workouts.

4) Finally, if you use any of my current triathlon training programs, such as Triathlon Dominator or Tri-Ripped, then don't worry…I'll personally make sure that I teach you how to successfully implement the workouts into your program!


Click Here To Get MaccaX12 Now.


Questions, comments or feedback about Macca's workouts or MaccaX12? Leave your thoughts below!

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14 thoughts on “Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack Shares His 12 Most Lethal and Effective Triathlon Training Sessions Of All Time.

  1. Momo says:

    Hey Ben, do you possibly still have the MaccaX12 workouts as the website is down now?

  2. nextlevelsuccess says:

    Will do, Thanks!!

  3. nextlevelsuccess says:

    I have Tri-Ripped and just purchased this Maccax12, how do I use this workouts with Tri-Ripped?

    1. Are you “stabbedintheface” on Twitter? If so, yes. Go ahead and email me privately: [email protected]

      1. Chris Hughes says:

        Yes…that is me…in really regret setting up that handle as a teenager.,,

  4. Chris Hughes says:

    Ben do you have any recommendations for treadmills for people can't spend 5k bucks. Not that you are…which is why I ask :)

    1. I don't own a treadmill. I just go to the gym. But there are ways you can run at home without a treadmill, like this:

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    The "Recent Activity" on the RaffleCopter makes me feel ashamed. Am I the only one with a mobile Twitter? Or am I the only one we really wants free stuff?

    Lol…If I win I'm going to hide in nerdy shame.

    1. Nah, you're just a tweet warrior. Some people just aren't as hungry for the prize!

  6. seanb724 says:

    What's up with 4% grade on a treadmill being like flats to him? I have always heard 1% was more comparable to road flats, not 4%. 4% on my treadmill feels like quite a hill!

  7. Javid says:

    What a superstar! Top bloke and down to earth, loving the thick Aussie accent.

    20km an hour pace for 10 mins, that is express!

    1. Chris Hughes says:

      yeah, I laughed when I saw his "IM pace" was like 6:02 miles…

      1. Petr says:

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